How to save yourself some stress on the morning school run

10 September 20

Ah, the school run. The source of many a last-minute panic before the start of your working day, and often the cause of many a mad dash after work as well. And as every parent knows, sometimes you’ve got to run the entire thing like a military operation in order to get everyone out the door on time.

Here at Melt though, that’s not really our style – as you may have guessed if you’ve taken even a passing glance through our luxury scented candles! Nobody likes having to bellow like a drill sergeant before 9am, so here are a few top tips of ours (many learned through direct experience) for how you can minimise stress on your own school run.

Lay everything out the day before

It’s by far the most popular top school run tip out there. It can save you so much hassle in the mornings if you’re able to take a few minutes the night before to lay out school uniforms, coats, bags, PE kits and lunchboxes. (And, we suppose, for some parents masks should now be on this list…) Of course, if your children are old enough, you might prefer to get them to do it themselves!

We’ve found that it’s a good plan to get a small box or hamper for everyone’s school shoes – if the lid is always open, it’s generally easy enough to persuade children to put their shoes in it when they come back through the door after school, which can prevent someone announcing they’ve lost theirs at five to eight in the morning. A little bit of extra organisation goes a long way!

Have a backup plan

When things go wrong in the mornings, it’s always helpful to have contingencies. Checking the traffic situation early. Knowing your route, and some back ways around. Having some spare bags or sandwiches or water bottles for the kids, should their first choices go walkies at the worst possible moment.

If you live close enough to the school, you might be able to eschew the use of a car altogether. If you’re lucky enough to be somewhere relatively rural like we are here at Melt, a bit of bracing fresh air in the mornings can do you and your children a world of wonders. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about the traffic situation!

Leave before you need to

OK, so we recognise this one might be a difficult sell, even to the adults in the house! Children are often horrified by the idea of getting up a moment earlier than they have to. But even something as small as ten minutes can make all the difference in terms of getting ready. You may also want to institute a no TV rule too. It’s not going to be too popular at first, but it’s better than having your entire morning routine ending up as a slave to Cartoon Network.

managing time

Get yourself up and early before you need to be

If you can’t persuade the entire house to get up ten minutes earlier, you might want to consider just doing it yourself instead. It gives you plenty more time to make yourself a leisurely breakfast, have a longer shower to wake yourself up a bit more, or maybe even have a cheeky shot of coffee to kick start your senses! If you’re not a coffee fan, there are lots of luxury handmade candles amongst our range which are perfect for giving yourself a sense of energy in the mornings – such as the vibrant, refreshing scent of our Joy scented candle.

Stay calm!

This is at once the simplest bit of advice we could give, and by far the hardest! It can be really hard not to get stressed when faced with a fresh raft of problems or obstacles each morning, but keeping yourself calm isn’t just beneficial for you – it can help your children and others around you not to panic or shout at each other, too.

Don’t forget that your mood in the morning often sets the tone for your whole day, so if you can keep your cool in the first few hours, you can get yourself into the zone for a productive day of dealing with whatever else the world throws at you!

And of course, once you get back through the door in the evenings, that means you deserve a little pampering, too! Our luxury scented candles are perfect for doing just that – we recommend starting with a soft, fluffy scent like Lavender or Angel. (Perhaps the idea of creating your own home spa is something that appeals!)

You can find all those and more right here at our little shop on the farm. Why not take a trip down to experience them for yourself? We’re always happy to see you!