How to pick out the right candle fragrance for you

2 February 23
cosy living room candle lit

Choosing the right scented candle for you can be an adventure in itself! Delving into different fragrances and seeing which scents work best for you can be a really satisfying experience for those who are familiar with the world of luxury scented candles, but what if you’re just starting out on your journey? How do you know what to look for when picking out a fragrance for you?

Here at Melt, we specialise in producing hand-made, fine fragrance candles of fabulous quality. So if you need a few tips to help you pick out the best fragrances to fill your home, you’re in exactly the right place.

A practical guide to picking the perfect candle

Obviously, the easiest way to pick out the right candle fragrance for you is to actually pick up a few candles and smell them yourself. With that in mind, we’d recommend that you come and visit our little Shop On The Farm to explore our fragrances for yourself. You’re always assured of a warm and smiley welcome, and with parking right outside the doors it means you can scamper in very quickly when it’s raining. Which, being located in the Ribble Valley …it does a lot!

So, there are a few of factors to keep in mind while you peruse our selection.

Does the fragrance make you feel good?

A scented candle is more than just a fragrance, it’s an experience. Ideally, you want the candle to make you feel something – whether that’s relaxed, energised, optimistic or contemplative, a scented candle is a brilliant mood setter. For example, our Joy and Dance candles are the perfect choice if you’re feeling chirpy, whereas Lavender is the best option if you’re looking for a candle to help you unwind and relax.

What does the fragrance remind you of?

Expanding on the idea that you want your candle to be an experience, you’ll want to choose a fragrance that invokes pleasant memories. For example if you’re feeling a bit melancholy as a result of the cold, dark winter months, why not treat yourself to the scents of Spring and Summer to help you melt through those winter blues? Alternatively, you might be craving some cosy winter scents in the sweltering heat of the summer to help you prepare for the cooler, snugger, cosier winter.

Would you be happy wearing it?

Now, we’re not suggesting that you purchase one of our candles to wear as a neat accessory to match a fetching scarf and a pair of gloves. You’ll probably be aware that many of the fragrances used in candles are used in perfumes in one way or another, so you’ll probably be attracted to candles that use ingredients found in your favourite perfume or aftershave. If you’re not sure of the ingredients used in your favourite perfume, then a general rule to stick to is if you smell a candle and you immediately go ‘mmmmm’, the chances are that you’ve probably picked a winner!

So, with this newfound knowledge you’ll be able to go forth and confidently pick out candles that suit your tastes! We’re confident you won’t find the same level of care or quality anywhere else, and if you have any more questions regarding our exquisite range of luxury scented candles, or you’re in the market to purchase some of your own, you’re in exactly the right place.

Feel free to take a look through our entire range of luxury candles and see what catches your eye! Or, pop down to our Shop On The Farm where you can experience all our candles in person – we’d love to see you!

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