How to get your living room ready for Halloween

27 October 22

At Melt, we adore Halloween. Not only does this time of year give everyone an excuse to dress up, but also to decorate your home! Whether you’re cozying up with luxury candles and spooky throws or going all-out with skeletons and witches, dressing up your home for Halloween can be tons of fun. Get inspired with these fantastic Halloween decor ideas, perfect for sprucing up your living room ahead of October 31st!

Create a seasonal chest

A seasonal chest makes a beautiful addition to any room and is super simple to put together. All you need is an old wooden chest and some Halloween-themed decor. We recommend filling yours with crispy leaves, pinecones, some fake cobwebs and – of course – a carved pumpkin for a children-friendly look. Or opt for gore with fake blood, eyeballs, and even the odd brain or too! Whatever your theme, you can create a seasonal chest to match.

Get your spooky scent right

Halloween marks the start of the cosy season, with colder days and darker nights leaving most of us wanting nothing more than to snuggle up inside with a hot chocolate. To add to the cosiness, we recommend investing in a few luxury candles. These are the perfect accompaniment to fluffy socks and Halloween film nights, creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere that keeps the Autumn winds outside!

We particularly love the Autumn Scented Candle for Halloween, which is inspired by bobbing for apples, bonfires, and roasting chestnuts. Gently sweet and effortlessly warming, it’s the perfect scent to accompany your pumpkin carving.

Ghostly wooden spoons

If you have little ones, painting Halloween spoons is a great activity to keep them entertained during the school holidays. It also gives old wooden spoons a new lease of life, up cycling them into fun Halloween decorations. Simply paint your spoons a spooky shade of green or ghostly white, and decorate them with faces. Frankenstein’s Monster, ghosts, pumpkins, and witches are all great choices for yours, and they’ll look great in a vase as a table centrepiece.

Orange jack-o’ lantern tealights

Did you know that you can carve oranges? It works in just the same ways as pumpkins, though you have to be a little more careful to keep the orange skin intact. Remove the insides and carve creepy jack o’ lantern faces into the skin, adding a tealight when finished for a super cute decoration. Your jack-o’ lanterns will also fill your home with the subtle, sweet scent of citrus, which is guaranteed to warm up your space.

Decorating your home is a great way to kick off your Halloween celebrations. Just remember to get your scent right with an autumn candle and set the scene for your cosy home. If you’re looking for a new luxury scented candle for this season, take a peek at our range online or pop down to the Shop On The Farm to smell our luxury scents in person. We can’t wait to see you!