How to get a hygge Christmas feel for your home

16 November 21

Ready to get cosy, Scandinavian style? Hygge is a concept that originates from Denmark, though its essence can be seen in Norway and Sweden, too. Simply put, hygge is the appreciation of all things cosy and comfortable, and it’s a huge part of Scandi culture. If you want to have a Hygge Christmas this year, here are our top tips for adding a warm and pleasant feeling to your home, starting with our luxury scented candles.

Create a cosy atmosphere with luxury candles

Nothing says hygge like your favourite candle! Start creating a cosy Christmas feel in your home by setting out your luxury candles in warm, rich scents around your home. Pinpoint spots where the comfort of fragrance and a burning candle are most prominent, such as when you walk in the door from a long day at work, or by your sofa when it’s time to unwind in the evening. Stick to scents that bring you feelings of warmth and happiness, and opt for luxury candles with a fragrance that fills the room.

If you don’t have a favourite scent yet, we recommend our best-selling candle, Angel. Rich, musky, and slightly sweet, it’s perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere in your home. Or, get in the festive spirit with Christmas, a quintessentially Christmassy scent!

cosy candles

Stock up on plenty of hot drinks

The weather in Scandinavia is famously cold, so it’s no surprise that a large part of hygge is simply staying warm. So, get a fire going, wrap yourself up in a warm jumper, and fill your home with plenty of blankets. But, above all, make sure you have plenty of time for hot drinks. For here in the UK, that isn’t too hard because as a nation, we’re well known for our love of hot tea! Make sure you always use your favourite mugs when making a brew, and take the time to enjoy each sip. We recommend Christmas teas, such as those with cinnamon, or spicing things up with a little mulled wine to get really festive.

Make plenty of homemade treats

Food plays a huge part in hygge. This isn’t just about eating a big bar of Galaxy in one sitting (tempting as that may be), but about savouring the whole process of making and eating food. A classic Scandinavian treat at Christmas is the cinnamon bun, so why not bake a batch of your own? Not only are they delicious, they’ll also fill your home with the scent of sweet cinnamon! Slow down, relax, and enjoy the sensations of all your senses.

Enjoy the little moments of Christmas

At the very core of hygge is the idea of enjoying the little, wonderful things that make life so special. This Christmas, take the time to appreciate them – whether that means enjoying the feeling of putting on your slippers when you get home, taking the time to sit in peace with your hot tea, or appreciating the comfort your get from lighting the first candle of the evening. Whatever it is that feels you with warmth and joy, slow down and take the time to revel in it. Christmas is such a lovely time of the year, so make sure you make the most of it every minute.

At Melt, Hygge is already a part of our lives. We absolutely love anything cosy and always enjoy taking the time to appreciate the wonder of every day! If you want to join us in our Hygge lifestyle, start by treating yourself to a luxury candle today and bring warmth, fragrance, and happiness into your home. Take a look at our full range online, or pop into our Little Shop on the Farm to experience the scents in person and find the perfect candle to take home.

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