How the UK reignited its burning passion for scented candles

20 September 21
How the UK reignited its burning passion for scented candles

With all the chaos in our lives recently, it’s no surprise that we’ve been looking for ways to find comfort! From home baking to cosy Netflix nights, the little things in life have become much more meaningful. So with that in mind, it’s easy to see why the UK has been rediscovering its love for luxury candles. (You might even have some new favourites yourself!) So let’s take a quick look at some of the biggest factors behind the rise, and what’s set the UK’s passion aflame.

There’s more choice than ever before

From celebrity merchandise to luxury designer brands, it seems as though candles are popping up everywhere! That’s partially to do with expert chandlers like ourselves becoming bolder and more experimental in our fragrances, but it’s also been part of a larger trend for a fairly long time now.

Over the past decade or so, the amount people spend on candles – along with the number they buy – has been steadily increasing. In fact, one source reports that candle sales are growing much quicker than any other product in the fragrance industry, and over the past two years they’ve risen by a whopping 33%! You only have to walk into a little shop like ours to witness this phenomenon for yourself; there’s almost guaranteed to be an extensive collection of candles to choose from.
Scented Candles

What else is behind the rise?

Luxury candles aren’t a new thing at all, so why are people suddenly so keen to buy them? One theory is that it’s a form of wellness, self-care, and comfort. In a world that’s been through a lot, being able to wrap up in the scent of a candle can bring a little peace and happiness into your home. With such a tumultuous couple of years, people have changed from asking ‘why?’ to ‘why not?’.

Aside from this form of self-care, there are a few other reasons for the rise in candles. One is social media. The rise of influencers and neat, on-brand aesthetics has also led to a rise in the demand for candles. As soon as someone with a large following talks about candles, or even adds one to a snap of their newly organised bedside table, you can expect candle sales to rise. We really are in the age of the influencer!

It’s not just a scented candle – it’s a way of life

Essentially, our collective love of finely fragranced candles comes down to one thing: lifestyle. People aren’t just buying a scent when they buy a candle. They’re buying the idea of luxury, style, and comfort. Some wider trends are also coming into play, like hygge; the Danish concept that’s all about finding comfort in the small things. Candles fit right into their cosy ideals and can help people bring more hygge into their home. When people buy a candle, they’re buying more than the smell. They’re buying an entire idea, wrapped up in a neat jar and ready to be burnt.

If you’re a lover of candles and everything that comes with them, feel free to take a peep at our range at Melt! Or, visit our Little shop on the Farm to experience our scents in person and find your perfect fragrance, whether that’s Joy or Dance or Hush. We can’t wait to say hello!

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