How scents cause attraction

6 July 15
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Did you know that scents and smells have the power to trigger your emotions? They can kickstart your day by giving you some mental energy, create a feeling of peace and relaxation in your mind and even get you in the mood for love! But how do scents work as an aphrodisiac and can they really enhance human attraction? Let’s find out!

rose oils

While aromatic essential oils have been used for thousands of years to enhance bonding and relationships, most people haven’t really thought about why. It’s because certain essential oils have aphrodisiac properties, inducing love and romance, through contact with the brain. You might be wondering how this is possible – but it’s really quite simple. As a person inhales a scent through their nose, the Limbic System is stimulated. This is the part of the brain where moods and emotions are governed. Depending on the type of smell, a certain emotional and physical response will take place – and while a scent from your childhood may invoke happiness, or the scent of freshly baked cakes may induce hunger; aphrodisiac essential oils have the ability to invoke romantic feelings.

It’s simple really, your senses play a huge role in how you see and what you feel about the world – and smell is one of the most powerful of all scents.

Scents for that loved-up vibe

If the thought of luring your man home for a night of passion has got you interested, you’ll want to find out which scents invoke romance. Rose, Neroli, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang are all great choices – so it’s up to you to test them and see what works best for you and your man!

The four power romance scents

The scent of Rose – It’s not just the beauty of a rose we love; it’s the scent too. In fact, ladies in history said to have used rose to woo their lovers include Cleopatra of Egypt and Josephine Bonaparte of France!

For the ultimate in romantic rose scents try More or our Love scented candle – our highly aphrodisiac scented candles. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Love scented candle

Neroli Scent – Neroli is both relaxing and stimulating. History tells us that Victorian brides wore a sprig of orange blossom in their headdress and carried orange blossom in their bridal bouquets in an attempt to calm nerves and stimulate romance on their wedding night.

For a pretty, feminine scent, guaranteed to enhance your love life, try our Neroli & Rose Geranium scented candle.

Neroli & Rose Geranium scented candle

The relaxing scent of Sandalwood – This relaxing scent helps you to rid your inhibitions and open up to love. Combating day-to-day stresses is key if you want to re-vamp your love life.

For a subtle and sophisticated nod to love, try our Nocturne scented candle, infused with Sandalwood.

nocturne scented candle

Exotic Ylang Ylang Scent – Sounds romantic doesn’t it? There’s something about this exotic scent that makes it perfect for love and romance. It is euphoric, relaxes nerves and stimulates the senses – a perfect combination for a night of passion!

If you’re looking for a more complex, yet cosy and relaxed Ylang Ylang-based scent, opt for our Burgundy scented candle. It’s guaranteed to warm up your hearts!

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What scents fire up your saucy side? Go on, spill the beans! Tell us your top loved-up scents in the comments below or tweet them to us @MeltCandles