How Candles Are Different To Other Home Decorations (Part 1)

19 May 17
how candles are different to other home decorations part 1 feature image

Candles absolutely shine as home decorations (if you’ll pardon the pun), and they’re a perfect accompaniment to make your house a home. Lots of things could fit that description though couldn’t they? Well, this week on the blog here at Melt, we’ve collected a couple of reasons for you about why a scented candle isn’t quite like any other home decoration.

How Candles Distinguish Themselves

candle flame

The main way that a scented candles are different from other home decorations is something that, at Melt, we think is often overlooked. While keepsakes from abroad or stunning landscape photographs are special in their own way, you can literally give a candle life, in a way that you can’t with other decorations and ornaments. With just a lighter or a match, you can transform a candle from something still to something moving, something dormant to something alive. And once they’re awake, our little ladies are all too keen to spread their glow!

That’s the other thing about scented candles – not only can you give them life, but they then extend that life to everything around them. Ornaments that look resplendent in daylight can take on an altogether different (but no less stunning) feel in intimate, flickering candlelight. What’s more, they have a powerful ability to change the feel of a room through their scents. You can have a cheerful, zesty scented candle like Joy spreading life and vitality to every corner of the room, or you can have a more mellow, chilled out feel with something like Blush. They’re just two great examples of how, by lighting a candle, you can effortlessly transform the feel of the room – and without touching a single other thing in it!

Fanning The Flames

melt candle display

Then there’s the visual elements of candles. For us as humans, fire has been an endless source of fascination for almost as long as we’ve existed. A flickering flame has a certain beauty that can’t be matched by something static like a painting or sculpture. Just so we’re clear, we’re not saying that those can’t look amazing and have emotional value, but most other decorations are attractive in a different way. Their beauty is measured in their perfection, or in the expression of the artists who created them.

A dancing flame, on the other hand, is raw, primal and ever-changing. Humans have been drawn to flames ever since we first gathered around campfires in caves against lashing rain outside. It’s that same instinctive feeling that makes us associate candles with warmth, shelter and cosiness. Above all, it’s what causes us to link a gently burning candle with a sense of what it’s like to be truly home. And if that doesn’t distinguish a luxury scented candle from the other decorations and ornaments in your house, we don’t know what will!

That’s not all though – we’ve got one or two other reasons for you about why candles aren’t like any other decoration in your home. We think you’ll be interested in them; they aren’t quite what you might think! You’ll have to wait for a future blog for those, but in the meantime you can spend the time by browsing our full range of luxury scented candles. And as ever, if you need any help or advice you can call us on 01200 443377. We’re always here to talk!

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