How Candles Are Different To Other Home Decorations (Part 2)

25 May 17
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With their amazing ability to influence emotions and their global, universal appeal, there are lots of reasons candles are unique amongst home decorations!

This week we’re following on from our last blog about how candles differ from other home decorations – we realised halfway through writing it that we’ve still got quite a lot to say! This week, we’re talking about how candles can evoke memories, and why they’re universally more popular than any other single home decoration.

Candles Affect Us On A Deeply Emotional Level

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If you read our post last week, you’ll have seen us talk about the unique effect that candles have on our surroundings. You can change the whole feel of a room by filling it with a different scent using one of our luxury scented candles. But the fantastic thing about that is – it goes the other way too! Candles have a unique power to actively change the way we feel, as we associate certain emotions or memories with specific scents. Maybe the scent of Angel can put you in mind of a childhood memory in your first home, or the scent of Eden can make you fondly recall a camping trip.

The fascinating thing about scents and memory is that according to science, they tend to be stronger and more emotional than the ones we get from sight, sounds and touch. The way the scents influence your memory can affect you far more powerfully than simply looking at a photograph. They can transport you back through your own life or memories in a way that few other things can. You can’t say that about all of your home decorations!

By the same token, if you’ve had a rubbish day at the office, you can light a cheerful candle like Shine to perk yourself up again. Her fresh, zingy fragrance can turn your frown upside down, affecting you on an emotional level like few other home decorations can.

It’s Simple – Everyone Loves Candles!

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The final beautiful thing about candles is their universal appeal. You only have to look at how many wide-ranging uses candles have in religion to see the scope of their attraction for people all over the globe. Basically, everyone can see the beauty in a candle; they have so many meanings and traditions associated with them that almost anyone can find something they’ll love. It can be the soft, magical glow of the flame, which can be lit in celebration, communion or remembrance alike. It could be the scent and the personality of the candle itself – to take our example from earlier, lots of our customers find them great for lifting their spirits when things look a bit glum.

A single candle in a single home could even have simultaneous attraction for different family members. A wife might love a particular scent because it reminds her of where she grew up, while her husband might love it because it reminds him of their honeymoon. While we all might have different taste in art or decoration, a high-quality, luxury scented candle is something that we’re all drawn to.

Have you found a candle to suit your personality yet? Don’t worry if you haven’t – we’ve done one or two blog posts on that subject very recently! If you want to take a look for yourself though, you can get straight to browsing our stunning range of scented candles! We’re always here to lend a helping hand if you need it – just give us a call on 01200 443377.

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