Haunted history: the role of candles in Halloween traditions

27 October 23
halloween themed candles

It’s no secret that Autumn is one of our favourite times of year here at Melt HQ. Crunchy leaves, luxury scented candles and, of course – Halloween! Halloween is a time of spine-tingling thrills and spectral chills. It’s steeped in fascinating history, stories and traditions in which candles have played an integral role for centuries! It only feels right that we spend a little time uncovering the significance of candles on this mystifying holiday, and while we’re at it, we’ll give you our recommendations for the spookiest scents you can use to spice up your home this autumn! 

Candles in Halloween celebrations


Many people’s first thought when they think about the relationship between Halloween and candles is pumpkins! Because who doesn’t love sitting down with friends and family to carve a fun design into a pumpkin? Carving pumpkins and placing candles inside them is a long-standing Halloween tradition thought to help ward off any unwanted visitors from the home. 

And while a carved pumpkin certainly looks great, the smell can be… not so great. If you’re not into the smell of hot pumpkin, don’t worry – we have some suggestions that’ll fix that right up. While our more popular candles here at Melt are larger, we do have an array of small luxury scented candles perfectly sized for sitting inside your pumpkin! So if you’re looking to infuse your home an autumnal air, we’d recommend Burgundy, Nocturne or Aubergine for the perfect spooky scent!

A guiding light 

Nothing looks better at a Halloween party than candles! Nothing quite sets a spooky mood like the ominous flicking of a flame in the darkness, whether at the centrepiece of your creepy dining table or a cluster of candles in the corner. If you’re hosting your annual Halloween bash and are looking for the perfect candle to top off your decor, what better choice than our Autumn? Picture the smell of turning leaves, roasting chestnuts and bobbing for apples all wrapped up into one beautiful package – that’s Autumn!

Still, as it turns out, this practice had a significant meaning to our ancestors. Historically, candles were lit around the house on Halloween to guide wandering spirits back home when the veil between the living and the dead was thought to be at its thinnest.

Candles for good luck

Another, perhaps lesser, well-known superstition is burning candles for good luck on Halloween. Many people believe that burning a new candle (it has to be new!) on the night of Halloween, particularly an orange candle, will bring you good luck in the coming year! If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, we know just the candle for the job – the spicy, woodsy, amazingly sweet Nutmeg and Vetiver! It’s the perfect addition to a cosy, warm and spooky mood and the perfect companion for a Halloween movie night! 

As Halloween approaches, take a moment to appreciate the role candles have played in this hauntingly fun holiday! The candle’s flickering flame serves as a reminder of the rich, eerie history underpinning this mysterious time of year. So, why not light a luxury scented candle or two this Halloween and fully immerse yourself in the mystique that has moulded this beloved celebration?

We have plenty of options to choose from in our Autumn range right here on our website! Or, if you’d prefer, why not pop down to our shop on the farm to see them for yourself? But in the meantime, if you have any questions or want some further autumnal suggestions, why not get in touch with our friendly team on 01200 443377? We’d be more than happy to help you pick out the perfect candles for your Halloween plans! 

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