Happy New Year

7 January 17

Happy New Year…

We hope it is Shiny & Bright for all!

We have to apologise for being so shockingly tardy with our updates. The Autumn/Winter season kicked off surprisingly early for melt (as in – the beginning of August!!), hurtled through the early and mid-Autumn (our favourite time of year) – and didn’t stop to catch breath until the doors closed at 5.00p.m. on Christmas Eve. We all “fell” into Christmas day slightly bedraggled, bemused and a little worse for wear – but also very happy! It had proved a lovely finale to a lovely year…and our beautiful Ribble Valley managed to escape the devastation of the floods which came knocking at Christmas 2015.

We turned off the melters, left the spoons and pourers snoozing on the shelves and apart from the daily feeding of the animals – managed a good long break until Tuesday 3rd Jan. Bliss.

When we headed back down the lane after the New Year we had a spring in our step. Coming back into the workshops felt good and we were ready to start again. ….with a new additional member of staff!

Claire came to help us out through “silly season”, and proved to be one of those rare gems that fits in just perfectly, grafts like a trooper – and gets melt and all our quirks. She was too good to lose, and so we “put butter on her paws” and persuaded her to stay.

Siobhan has finally agreed to marry “her chap” later this year; she tells us that it is going to be low key and informal…but we’re looking at it as a chance to ditch the dungarees and don full on plumage for a change. This is an opportunity NOT to be missed. Now where?….did we put those 3 ft wide hats?

As for melt – we have a few things planned. We recently got the melt brand trademarked in America, which we were super pleased about, and so are heading off to L.A. to do our first exhibition over the pond in March. The show is a brand new exhibition called “Source British” and is being supported by the DIT (Dept of International Trade) to present the best of British brand and manufacture to the USA – needless to say we were delighted to be asked to take part….and we’ll be back for the New York Gift Show in August.

And then, ….there’s some new products to develop (shhhhh…!).

We hope you are all intact after the festive season, and ready for the coming year and all she has to offer.

It’ll soon be Spring…….

Melt x