Getting all sensual with Creed fragrances

4 September 14
Creed fragrances review

One thing we love about Creed fragrances at Melt is that it gives you that shimmering invisible armour to take with you wherever you go. With our fragrances, you’ll be able to get through any day – without melting away! – feeling empowered with that extra boost of confidence that a perfume or aftershave gives you.

Pretty and practical

One of our favourite collections in our exquisite fragrance range is the House of Creed collection. You’ll find fragrances for men, fragrances for women, and fragrances you can share – we’ve got to admit, we’re already a bit partial to using our other halves fragrance anyway! To top off the wonderful selection of scents, The House of Creed have managed to wow us yet again with gorgeous packaging which screams “show me off on your dressing table!” The Spring Flower fragrance in particular fits into this category – what woman wouldn’t like a pretty pink and gold bottle adorning her dressing table!

Need a helping hand navigating your way through the collection? Go on then…

Creed fragrances for men

The House of Creed collection has six scent options designed just for men. Here are just a few of the highlights from the range.

There’s Aventus, created especially for Creed’s 250th anniversary. With this occasion in mind, the scent is bold, spirited and confident, just like the brand itself. It’s perfect for the man of action setting out to conquer each and every day.

Erolfa is the oceanic fragrance that will see a man right through the day. The long lasting, bold scent is inspired by sea air and has notes of Violet, Tangerine, Bergamot, Sandalwood and Ambergris.

A bestseller is always a good place to start when choosing a fragrance. Green Irish Tweed has been Creed’s most popular fragrance for a while due to its floral, green, woody notes. It’s clean and fresh and even suitable for a weary fragrance newbie!

Creed fragrances for women

With seven delicious fragrances to choose from, we found it hard to select our top three, but here goes…

Fantasia de Fleurs is a rich floral scent, perfect for those nights out and special occasions. It’s big, bold and combines Bergamont, Bulgarian Rose, Iris and Ambergris.

For a touch of aristocracy, women can spritz themselves with Jasmine Imperatrice Eugenie. It’s a Bergamot, Jasmine and Bulgarian Rose scent with a warm powdery base of Sandalwood and Vanilla, created especially for Empress Eugenie of France.

Creed’s most sophisticated and seductive fragrance for women has to be Love in Black. It combines a heady aroma of White Violets, with warm and sensuous Virginian Cedar, and Florentine Iris, Clove and Blackcurrant. With this scent lingering around, there’s no doubt you’ll entice the man of your dreams!

Creed fragrances for men and women

Creed fragrances were well ahead of the trend when they created unisex scents Silver Mountain Water and Millesime Imperial in 1995. Silver Mountain Water is perfect for couples seeking a fresh, modern scent, whilst the latter is better suited to those of you who like a touch of warm, rich opulence.

Inspired yet? There’s plenty more delicious fragrances from where these came from! You can head over and explore them for yourself here.

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