Get zesty with Grapefruit and Aromatic Armoise

19 March 15

Another blog, another ingredient focus, this time we’re getting in the mood for the spring sunshine with zesty Grapefruit and Armoise. Together they let you drift off to your very own Caribbean getaway, while relaxing in your own home.

But what’s so special about these two oils? And what makes them a melty match in heaven? That’s exactly what we’ll be discovering today…

Health benefits of Grapefruit

Grapefruit is well known for its energising, purifying and antioxidant benefits. It’s also said to play a huge role in weight loss, in fact inhaling the scent can get rid of food cravings – especially if they’re related to emotion rather than actual hunger.

It’s also cleansing to the aura and mental body, which helps release the blues and mental chatter.

So if you’re looking for the perfect scent to lift your mood, Grapefruit is for you!

Furthermore, travellers have used it for jet lag and the scent provides a great relief to migraine sufferers too, so it’s great for helping you get back to normality.

If you apply the oil directly to your bath or body, Grapefruit also has a whole range of added benefits including:

  • More balanced hormonal function – great for PMS
  • Treatment for gorgeous hair – promoting shine and healthy hair follicles
  • Boosting the skin – neutralising free radicals that speed up the signs of ageing
  • Cellulite busting – Flushing out those free radicals that create cellulite

A calming hug from Armoise

Armoise is another wonder scent. Sweet, spicy and strong, the oil is best known for its ability to attack mental disorders like depression, anxiety or fatigue.

In fact, Armoise was even a favourite of witches from years gone by to conjure up vivid dreams and time travel. So it looks like as well as getting rid of those stresses and strains, the scent may well take you on an awe-inspiring journey!

The perfect combination in Shine

With Armoise’s calming effects and the uplifting nature of Grapefruit, a scent that combines the two of them, like our Shine scented candle, will leave you feeling as fresh as a daisy in no time.

Shine scented candle

While the Shine is our only scented candle that combines the two, there are plenty of fantastic products to choose from in the range.

Firstly, you’ll find a range of different sized scented candles, from our travel candle, which delivers 22 hours of zesty, zingy delight, to the largest candle in the range – our tall and fat pillar candle.

The pillar candles deliver 160 hours of candlelight and fragrance – so they’re the perfect choice for those who want a daily pick-me-up!

In addition to our candles, we also stock the Shine scent in our reed diffuser range.

A great alternative to the more traditional candle and perfect for those who want the fabulous scent pumping out all day long!

shine scented reed diffuser

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