Get Valentine’s Day right with our melt-worthy gift ideas

22 January 15
valentines day

Did you know it’s just a matter of weeks now until Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry if you had forgotten – we’ll keep that a secret from your other half!

Today, we’re not only reminding you about the most loved-up date of the year, we’re also giving you a whole host of inspiration. Forget the tacky teddy bear and traditional Valentine gift. This year, why not try something unique and quite wonderful, brought to you by Melt…

Perfect gifts for your better half

For the stylish man…

Instead of fussing around in the clothes shops trying to find something he’ll like, why not opt for a quirky tie from Fox & Chave or The Tie Studio. The designs all scream English charm and fit in perfectly with the current clothing trends.

the tie studio

Quirky ties from The Tie Studio

For the skincare queen…

We have a whole range of gorgeous skincare products for the woman who dreams of (or in fact has!) baby soft, youthful skin. One of our newest gift sets, from Dr Hauschka, has been developed to bring freshness and vitality to the skin – which is certainly one thing we wouldn’t turn down! Wow her with this exclusive set, or perhaps pick out her old favourite from the classic Melt collection.

Dr Hauschka Freshness and Energy Kit

Freshness & Energy Kit by Dr Hauschka

For the modern man…

Beer, technology…. You know the type! If your man can’t be seen without his mobile in hand and a pint of beer in the other the following gifts are perfect. We love these beer buddies, which say unique in their own Melty way, while the iPad cover is a no-fuss, classic, long-lasting design, which we can guarantee he’ll love!

leather ipad cover

Leather iPad Cover

beer buddies

Beer Buddies

Of course, today’s modern man isn’t without his fragrance either. Hot favourites from our range include Creed, Czech and Speake and Musgo Real.

creed, musgo real, czech & speake

Hot favourites in our fragrance range

For the lady who’s heart goes aflutter with fragrance…

She’s one lucky lady because we’ve got plenty of it! Our Love candles and diffusers are obviously perfect for the occasion and are beautifully scented with rose. Blush, is also a good choice for any woman who loves all things pink and girly.

love candle more reed diffuser

Our Love candle is complimented by the More reed diffuser

When it comes to skin fragrance, why not choose a luxurious scent from the E Coudray range. The perfumes not only smell great, they look fantastic too – so you’re guaranteed to earn some brownie points!

For the glamour puss…

If your lady pays a great deal of attention to how she looks and all those finishing touches then jewellery, scarves or a new bag make the perfect gift. We know you’ll never understand our obsession with accessories, or why we just have to have so many – but believe us, they are a necessity!

jewellery and scarf

Gorgeous jewellery and scarves

For you both…

Books are a great idea for either sex and the best bit about them – you can share them! So really, it’s almost like buying a present for yourself, just remember not to make that factor too explicit upon exchange of gifts! Some of our favourite books that we’d like to recommend are:

1) The Reading Room – A maze of books for all genres and ages, featuring cooking, gardening and drinking alongside books on holistic therapies and more!

The Great British Farmhouse cookbook jamie-oliver

2) The Bluffer’s Guides – A range of books that can be found on almost any topic; these books give you that quick dose of wit and expertise to dazzle family and friends!

bluffers guide to skiing

3) Tottering by Gently books – Perfect for those who love a bit of that traditional British humour.

tails of tottering hall

What are your Valentine’s Day gift successes and failures? We’d love to hear your stories! Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @MeltCandles