Get The Traditional Christmas Look For Your Home

21 December 17
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For such a well-known celebration, our idea of the ‘Christmas look’ can be surprisingly diverse! Though certain core elements stay the same – tree, lights, little jolly fellows dressed in red – everything else is subject to lots of variation. This is what we’re tackling this week on the blog here at Melt, as we help you to capture some of the traditional spirit of Christmas for your home.

Setting The Mood For Christmas

noel scented candle

Atmosphere is everything. We know that arguably better than anyone here at Melt, which is why our Noel and Christmas luxury scented candles are so popular at this time of year! Each of them has its own distinctive scent, and we like Noel especially for its ability to evoke the more serene, traditional aspect of a family Christmas. Its notes of resin and soft pine gives a full-bodied Christmas charisma to any room, setting the stage for your decorations!

Speaking of which – the decorations! Let your imagination run wild – if it ‘feels’ right, it probably is. We’d suggest starting with quietly rustic touches like gingerbread heart decorations, or a frosted berry wreath on one or two of the doors. Tinsel isn’t compulsory, but a modest streak of gold or silver can help give your decorations a touch of visual appeal without pushing it over into being too glitzy.

Your Traditional Christmas Theme

christmas touches

Now, we started this blog by saying that there’s a lot of room for personal variations, so don’t take our word as law; but we’ve always been fond of the rustic, slightly Germanic side of a traditional Christmas here at Melt. Clay carol singers frozen in song upon the mantelpiece, or a miniature wooden hut nestled in the corner of the room, perhaps lined with a smattering of faux-snow…all give your home an undeniable sense of personality, and more than a hint of fairy-tale mystery.

We’d advise toning down the brighter, more vibrant colours if this is the sort of atmosphere you’re hoping to create. Instead, red, white and green work best as shades that give your home visual interest without seeming too overbearing, and don’t overpower the aura of your carefully-chosen traditional decorations. If tinsel isn’t your thing, evergreen chains of faux-rosemary or similar plants can provide an intriguing element to your mantelpiece (and you don’t have to worry about them dying, unlike live plants!)

If you really want to go the extra mile, one of our favourite recent suggestions is to wrap your presents with brown paper and string, to give even the experience of present-opening a traditional, old-timey feel. It’s all up to you how far you want to go!

Here at Melt, we’re big believers in the powerful draw of tradition. Perhaps it’s something to do with hand-making our candles from scratch using time-honoured methods and skills. If you’ve been to our little shop on the farm, you’ll know it oozes tradition from every brick! And if you haven’t – well, certainly don’t hesitate to pay us a visit!

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