Get sensational skin with Clayspray

1 June 15
clay spray feature image

We’re got a special treat for you all in the run up to summer…. a new product launch – Clayspray. That’s right, a product made from pure clay! Helping you to get you skin in tip top condition, our newest addition to the skincare range is 100% natural and free from preservatives, parabens, PEG, Phenoxyethanol, artificial colours and fragrances. Even better, its also suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

So what actually is inside the bottle of goodness?

Clayspray is made up of just three ingredients – pure clay, natural spring water and hydrogels. It proves that added nasties don’t really do anything for you skin – the natural stuff will work wonders alone.

What does Clayspray do?

Simply put, Clayspray is your ultimate skin savoir. Recommended for use every week, the fabulous product line is packed full of minerals that are almost impossible to get from any other source. The minerals themselves remove dead skin cells, impurities and excess oils from your skin, leaving it fresh, clean and rejuvenated. The product also fights those pesky skin problem such as blemishes, shines, dry skin and dull skin, balancing everything out a little bit – which we love … A LOT!

At Melt, we’re very excited to stock not just one but 10 products from the range! We’re one of the first companies in the UK to stock the new Clayspray range so we feel very lucky indeed.

Each item in the range is tailored to specific skin types and enriched with finely selected plant extracts to suit the skin’s needs. Different clay types are also used within the range depending on your skincare need. In some products you’ll find white clay, a silicon rich treatment that removes dead cells and impurities revealing a younger looking, softer skin. In others you’ll find red clay, used specifically to target oily and acne-prone skin. In fact the power of red clay is so strong that clinical tests showed 35% less skin sebum and 23% less blemishes in consumers who used red clay products on their skin. What’s more, there were visible results in just two weeks – so the products are perfect for getting you summer-weather ready!

The Clayspray range

As we’ve mentioned, there are a variety of products to choose from in the Clayspray range – all of which deliver great results for your skin type.

Here is an overview of the products and their use:

White Clay & Ginseng Duo: For mature and / or tired skin, reducing wrinkles and fighting pollutants

White Clay & Aloe Vera Duo: To calm and protect sensitive skin

Red Clay Duo: To treat oily skin, absorbing impurities and leaving the skin smooth and cleansed

White Clay: Perfect for any skin type, leaving skin soft, silky and hydrated

White Clay & Ginseng: Ideal for mature and / or tired skin, reducing wrinkles and fighting pollutants

White Clay & Aloe Vera: To calm and protect sensitive skin

Red Clay: To treat oily skin

White Clay & Lavender: The perfect body mask, cleansing and purifying every inch of your skin

Clay for Sports Massage: Revitalising those sore muscles

H20 Spray: Toning and hydrating the skin with a special ingredient, Green Tea.

Which item will you be buying from the Clayspray range? Tell us in the comments below or tweet the name of your dream Clayspray product to us over on Twitter @MeltCandles