Five steps to relaxation

29 September 16
Five steps to me time

The kids are back at school and you finally have a little of peace and quiet, which can only mean one thing… pamper time! While summer holidays and activities are fun, they can take their toll on our energy levels and skin. However, September is the perfect time to restore your body back to its optimum health. Step up your skincare regime, dose up on vitamins and plan in a little bit of ‘me time.’

Step one: Light a scented candle

lighting a candle

Set the mood with one of our scented candles. There are plenty of candles to choose from but Angel, Still and White are ideal for relaxation. If you like snuggly vanilla and bake-inspired scents choose Angel – our rich and comforting scent. If you want to create your own at-home spa atmosphere, opt for Still fragranced candle – our most expensive scent to date. If you prefer clean and crisp scents, sit back and relax with White scented candle – a loveable sweet musky scent.

Step two: Run a hot bubble bath

feet in hot bath with bubbles

Shut away any distractions and enjoy a long hot bath. Don’t forget to bring your scented candle in the bathroom too for the ultimate soak. To enhance the benefits of your relaxing bath, add a little Blackberry Musk Bath Milk, available from the Somerset Blooms range. Enriched with lavender and aloe, it will leave you feeling wonderful from tip to toe.

Step three: Exfoliate your skin

woman exfoliating

‘Me time’ is all about giving your body the attention it needs – so don’t rush your pamper routine. Treat your skin to a little exfoliation using the Greenscape Organic range. Ideal for removing all those dead skin cells from summer, your skin will be left looking radiant and feeling smooth.

Step four: Lather your skin with rich body cream

dr hauschka body cream

Applying a good body cream post-bath is a great way to encourage your skin to retain all that moisture. Whatever your skin type, we’ve got the perfect body care solution for you. The Dr Hauschka range features all types of body creams – from ones that revitalise your skin to ones that soothe and calm sensitive skin. The solutions also boast the best in natural ingredients, featuring elements of lavender, lemon, rose and almond.

Step five: Have an at-home facial with Clayspray

clayspray skincare products

To finish off your night of pampering, give your skin a much-deserved treat. Clayspray is ideal for use once-weekly to boost your facial skincare – plus there’s a remedy for every skin type. Helping fight blemishes, dry skin and dullness, it’s the ideal remedy for tired skin.

Did you know that we also offer indulgent gift sets too? Our Pamper Time gift set is one of our best sellers. It’s affordable, priced at just £30.00, and ideal for a whole evening of ‘me time.’ To find out more, head over to the product page.

What do you do to relax? Whether you meditate, escape to the gym or get stuck into a good book, we’d love to know. Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @MeltCandles