Finishing Touches

15 May 13
melt scented candles

Weddings are one of the most special occasions you will ever attend.  Right from the start, everything which you see has been selected to the taste of the bride-to-be and has been chosen for a specific reason.

Whether it’s the colour scheme, the theme or the venue, each choice has been carefully thought about. We are going to offer some insight today into adding finishing touches to your wedding decorations since we believe it’s the finishing touches which really add the wow factor to any wedding.


The ceremony is the first thing in the day, before the party starts and here you can really set the mood for the day. Have you thought about using candles? No? Well have a look at this for inspiration.

Of course you will have to seek the venue’s permission, but why not place candles at the beginning of each seating aisle?  Not just ordinary candles of course, but scented candles, in particular the Hush scented candles range which contain peach, pineapple, Lilly, cedar and many other gorgeous scents.

glowing candles

It just doesn’t end at the aisles either, as you could place a table at the entrance whereby guests can light a candle before they take a seat.

Even with the formalities of signing the formal documents when you are wed, place a candle on the table from the Love range which signify a loving, long lasting future.

white wedding candles

The Reception

Here is where you can really go to town.  Lets start from the entrance of the venue.  See if you are able to get 2 mid height pillars so they can go either side of the doors.

Then place 2 tall and thin scented candles. As it’s time to party, go for the scented Dance candle range to get your guests in the mood! From the entrance to the wedding tables.

Of course, there will already be some stunning wedding table decorations but here you can add some more character.  The table centre piece is where you want to place a distinct scented candle.

We recommend going for a ‘short and fat’ so that it can’t be knocked over easily and as for the scent, try Joy: “A parking citrusy floral on a complex woody & musk base over a rich floral heart of Rose and Lilly.”

Throughout the venue you have ample places to add scented candles.  We would even give one to the DJ for his box, either side of his decks.  Then if possible, along the perimeter of the venue, so that a distinct scented smell is always there.  It really will add a beautiful touch.

Wherever you place your candles, you could place them on a small bed of flower confetti and amongst flowers for the true finishing touch.

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