Merry Or Mysterious: Finding A Candle That Fits Your Personality

10 May 17
Merry Or Mysterious: Finding A Candle That Fits Your Personality feature image

Looking for a candle to fit your personality? We have just the thing! This is the second of our series talking about how to find a candle that suits you; last week we talked about snuggly softness, outdoorsy people and intoxicating romance.

But maybe you define yourself a little differently…

Dark, Mysterious And Sexy

nocturne short and fat

We’re starting on a bold note this week! Whether you’re looking to set the mood for a romantic evening together with your partner, or you want to give your living room a hint of a certain type of je ne sais quoi, we’ve got just the range of luxury scented candles for you! These particular candles share the theme of darkness – not in the sense of fear or evil, but in some rather more empowering ways. Black is an endlessly fascinating colour, and we as humans have attached some interesting meanings to it over the years. It’s associated with mystery, elegance and the unknown. It’s visually heavy too, which brings to mind power and strength. Some of the most stunning sights in the world are of darkness, like stars in the night sky. These luxury scented candles aim to capture some of that essence; beauty, elegance and power all in one. And what could be sexier?

Our recommendations: Nocturne, Noir

Smoothness And Sophistication

recherce short and fat

When it comes to presents for the house and home, you love think it’s the finer things in life that matter. (Of course, we knew that already – you’re on our website!) Silk, satin and velvet are your mainstays, and you love to treat yourself wherever you can. Who can blame you? That’s why we know you’ll love this range of scented candles – each one radiates with a touch of class, and exudes a presence like no other. They’re amazing complements to a stunning dining room, and they’re lovely ladies to have around if you’re dressed to impress for an elegant dinner party. When you want to make an impression, there are few better candles suited to creating an atmosphere of effortlessly refined ambience.

Our recommendations: Recherché, Cashmere 

Happiness And Joy

shine short and fat

Everyone loves to be happy! Some would say it’s one of the most important things in the world, and it’s a sentiment that we’re firmly on board with here at Melt. You’re always optimistic, looking on the bright side, enjoying what’s in the here and now while also excited about what the future brings. Zingy, refreshing citrus scents are probably just your sort of thing – and if that’s the case, then oh boy have we got the candles for you. Many of our most popular luxury scented candles are joyful florals that are cheerful, colourful and full of life. With the slowly rising heat and our newfound springtime sunshine, it’s an especially good time of year for them, too!

Our recommendations: Shine, Joy,

What’s Your Personality?

We’ve listed them one at a time here, but you don’t have to be one or the other! You can be sexy and sophisticated, mysterious and joyful, romantic and nature-loving…it’s all up to you!

You can click here to browse our full range of scented candles, where we’re sure you’ll find the perfect candle to suit your tastes. Or, you can find out more about these fascinating products by reading about how candles influence our memories and emotions.

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