It felt like Spring was never going to come…

10 June 16
Spring arriving

The hedgerows on Twitter Lane remained tight lipped and dark – and it was cold, cold, cold!

The rain came in torrents, soaking the already waterlogged fields so that “lakes” sprang up where they’d never been before – and then joined together to form ever larger ones until whole fields were under water.

The Llamas outside the workshop doors were at their glowering, miserable, sodden, huffy worst – but at least the geese were happy; and by some miracle, (or good planning by the farmers), the lambs that normally litter the fields by mid-February didn’t appear until much later this year – they’ll never know how lucky they were.

The grass didn’t grow, the trees didn’t bud or leaf, and the daffs that nosed up in December stopped in their tracks; when the Sun did occasionally put in an appearance she was a watered down version of herself with no heat or light.

On and on it went until mid-May. And then, over just 2-3 days, Spring clattered into the Valley at high speed….and EVERYTHING changed.

The hedgerows bore clusters of vibrant new leaf which by the end of the week were a solid mass of the brightest, eye watering, green.  The Cow Parsley, Dropwort and Hedge Bindweed at the base sprung up overnight, and the wild garlic at Wetters Bridge formed a thick, tufty, mass of green leaves with their strong odour not quite matching the pretty star white flowers.

Wetters Bridge, Twitter Lane, Waddington

Cherry blossom came next and was better for the late start as the wind and rain held off to allow them a spectacular display for once.

May Blossom

The finale was the May blossom which put in a late performance and promptly stole the show with their boughs and branches covered in white blossom.

One wonderful benefit of this “tardiness” was the fragrance on the lanes.

Twitter lane giving us her best.

Everything erupting at once gave the most beautiful aroma to our early morning walk to the workshops with all the plants and blossom competing for air space – and the result was stunning.

Entrance to melt

Sweet, syrupy, heady and green….nature at her very best.

I feel a new fragrance coming on….

Happy Llama… at last!

Bye for now


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