Our Favourite Christmas Home Accents

12 December 17
our favourite christmas home accents feature image

Home accents are something of a specialty of ours here at Melt – after all, it’s a central role of every one of our luxury scented candles! But we confess that at this time of year, we’ve got a couple of other favourites too. This week on the blog, we’re taking a peek at just a few of them – who knows, you might find there’s time to get some for yourself!

Fairy Lights (or Christmas Lights)

putting up lights

Fairy lights are one of those things that lots of people don’t give a second thought to – after all, lights are lights, right? But actually, amongst the aspects that we love most about fairy lights are their versatility. They’re beautifully expressive in their own way; they can be vibrant, bold and colourful, or soft, pure and gentle. And that’s just the start! It all depends, like so much else, on what sort of atmosphere you’re trying to cultivate for your home.

Plush Christmas Cushions

christmas cushions

We’re suckers for good cushions here at Melt. They look wonderful, they’re supremely comfortable, and they present another fantastic opportunity for you to stamp your personality on each of your favourite rooms in the house. Really, what’s not to love? This time of year means that white, frilly lace is equally as in-season as deep, sumptuous red. Which best suits your room’s style?

Tree Ornaments

 christmas ornaments

Similar to fairy lights, one of the most wonderful things about tree ornaments is that they can have a deep, individual meaning to each of us and. They can be elegant little angels, or humorous little characters – perhaps with names to represent each member of your family. As well as fitting in amazingly with the Christmas tree itself and the overall décor of your room, picking them out can also be a lovely little bonding activity between you and your loved ones.

Snow Globes

christmas snow globes

There’s just something about snow globes that brings out the inner child in each of us. They’re marvellous little symbols of all the wonder, joy and mystery about Christmas (as well as appealing to that childish temptation to pick things up and shake them – just to see what happens). No matter their size or shape, it’s almost indescribably mesmerising to watch the miniature snowflakes flutter to the ground, revealing the grinning snowman or waving Santa amidst them.

Christmas Luxury Scented Candles

christmas scented candle range

OK, you probably knew this one was coming! But you can’t deny that as far as setting an atmosphere goes, you can’t beat a good luxury scented candle. The hypnotic quality of the flickering flame, or the rich scents drifting from our Christmas or Noel candles as they burn with a quiet, comforting light – there’s precious little else that can put you quite so totally, blissfully at peace.

These are far from the only candles in our range, though, so if you’re after a companion you can enjoy all year round – or even better, you’re looking for a present for a loved one – feel free to browse our full range of luxury candles. If we can be of service, don’t hesitate to let us know; just give us a call on 01200 443377

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