Our favourite autumn ingredients

19 September 16
Our favourite autumn ingredients

There’s something special about autumn ingredients. Unlike other seasonal scents, autumn ingredients offer richness and depth and powerful scents that last all day long. Essential oils like ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and clove are in abundance while citrus scents offer a sweet and zesty note and vanilla helps create softer, bake-inspired tones.

Discover autumn scents at Melt

We love our autumn ingredients so much, that we’ve got a whole collection of products dedicated to the season. From luxury candles to body care and fragrance – if you’re looking for autumn ingredients you’ll find them at Melt.


The definitive autumn scent

melt autumn luxury candle

We’ll start our list of autumn-inspired products with the definitive scent for the season. Our Autumn scented candle boasts all the gorgeous scents we’ve talked about – including cinnamon, clove and nutmeg.

A seasonal home scent

Aubergine luxury candle

If you’re looking for a scent to warm up your home this winter, you can’t go wrong with Aubergine fragranced candle. This beautiful scented candle is ideal for autumn and winter and features a collection of spicy, warm and rich ingredients. From amber and clove to cinnamon, mandarin and bergamot – there’s a lot to love about this scent.


A whiff of autumn cologne

Musgo Real No 3 Spiced Citrus Cologne

If your man is looking for a new scent, why not recommend Musgo Real No 3? This spiced citrus cologne is guaranteed to keep him smelling delicious all season and features an original and classic mix of ingredients. Spicy notes, woods, lime and coriander come together for a signature men’s scent.

Enchanting nights with autumn evening scents

Nocturne handmade fragranced candle

With the cooler weather and darker nights, it’s nice to have a scented candle to cosy up with come evening. Nocturne fragranced candle offers all the qualities you could hope for – resulting in a calming and beautiful scent. There’s aromatic seeds and clove bud in there alongside autumnal vetiver, patchouli and sandalwood. It’s even available as a reed diffuser too for those of you that prefer all-day scent.

Autumn appealing parfum

Jean Charles Brosseau’s Ombre Rubis

Looking to switch things up with a new scent for autumn? Look no further than Jean Charles Brosseau’s Ombre Rubis. This rich, musky blend combines seasonal favourites like bergamot, orange blossom and cedar with classic feminine scents like coconut and white musk.


Warm and woody candle scent

Nutmeg & Vetiver luxury handmade candle

If you love the scents and smells of bonfire night and roaring log fires, you’ll love Nutmeg & Vetiver luxury handmade candle– our sweet, woody autumn scent. With the perfect mix of sweet and spicy and ingredients like nutmeg, orange and clove, it’s bound to get you in the mood for the new season.


Autumn skin saviour

Naturally European Ginger and Lime Hand Cream

The Ginger and Lime Hand Cream and Eau De Toilette Gift Set, from Naturally European, is practical and seasonal. The hand cream is ideal for protecting dry, chapped hands and smells just like autumn too. Combining zesty ingredients with rich ginger root oil, it’s one product you’ll keep coming back to.

Don’t forget to shop our skincare range too! You’ll find all the best skincare products for nourishing and rejuvenating your skin this autumn over on our skincare page.

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