Fab fragrances for Father’s Day

17 June 16
fab fragrances for fathers day

Stuck for the perfect gift for Father’s Day? If you’re fed up of buying the same old thing for dad year-on-year, why not treat him to a luxury fragrance or scented candle for fathers day. Whether he likes zesty scents, earthy fragrances or something a little complex and mysterious, we’ve got a whole range of fantastic men’s fragrances here at Melt.

For the surfer-dude dad

If your dad loves nothing more than sun, sea, and sand he’ll love CREED Erolfa. The unique ocean-inspired fragrance is made up of ingredients including violet, tangerine, bergamot and sandalwood for a result we like to call contemporary coastal.

CREED Erolfa fragrance for dad


For the outdoorsy dad

Sometimes, bold, strongly scented fragrances just don’t appeal. Outdoorsy dads are more likely to prefer natural scents that will keep them smelling good while blending in with their environment. CREED Green Irish Tweed does just that. With its blend of floral, green, and woody notes, along with its universal appeal, it’s no wonder it’s one of CREED’s bestsellers.

CREED Green Irish Tweed fragrance for dad


For the working dad

If work and business is a key part of your dad’s life, why not treat him to a fragrance ideal for day-to-day wear? Musgo Real No 5: Lime Basil Cologne is crisp, fresh and masculine – making it perfect for meetings, the office, and even work socials. At just £30.00, it’s also one of our most affordable fragrances – all the more reason to wear it every day!

Musgo Real No 5: Lime Basil Cologne for dad


For the trendy dad

Dads that love style, fashion, and designer brands will adore Czech & Speake No 88. Featuring bergamot, vetiver, and sandalwood, it’s one of our favourite luxury men’s fragrances. Full bodied and sophisticated, it’s sure to make any dad stand out from the rest. What’s more, the stylish all-black bottle is pretty cool too.


Czech & Speake No 88 fragrance for dad


For the older dad

Not all dads want something full bodied and trendy. Older dads are best suited to classic fragrances, to complement their style and age. The Czech & Speake Oxford & Cambridge Cologne is one of the top luxury fragrances for older men. It features English lavender, French lavender, peppermint, rosemary, bergamot and oak moss, which together give off a relaxing yet invigorating classic scent. In fact, some say it’s evocative of the English countryside.


Czech & Speake Oxford & Cambridge Cologne for dad


For the fussy dad

Still not sure which of our men’s fragrances would best suit dad? If you really can’t decide, or you’ve got a fussy father, why not chose Atlas Cedar? The Jean Charles Brosseau fragrance is ideal for the man who has tried everything else. With its complex mix of scents, featuring everything from zesty clementine to earth sandalwood, it’s sure to please any dad!

Atlas Cedar fragrance for dad


While you’re at it, shopping for Father’s Day gifts, why not treat yourself too? Our scented candles are great for a little pick-me-up and start at just £8.95. Discover the whole scented candles range. Go on, you deserve it!

Which of our fragrances will you be buying dad this Father’s Day? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @MeltCandles