An In-Depth Look At The Mysteries Of Dark Wood

20 March 17
an in depth look at the mysteries of dark wood

Another entry in our series introducing you to some of our most recent products, this week we’re turning a fond gaze to our Dark Wood candle. She distinguishes herself from the other lovely ladies in our range with a rich, intricate scent, and an intriguing history too.

Dark Wood Is A Scented Candle Like No Other

dark wood travel candle

We worked very hard at Dark Wood’s scent, and the final results almost defy explanation… but we’ll try! It’s aromatic, sumptuous and intense, with a subtle smoky sweetness. Her unique brand of luxuriousness melds the opulent classiness of an elegant drawing room with the unknowable mysteries and effortless beauty of a campfire in the rain. It’s a complex, many layered scent that’s not for the faint of heart, and that hint of smokiness isn’t unlike the smell of incense burning quietly in the corner of the room. We think she’s amazing, and we think you’ll be impressed too!

What makes our Dark Wood candle all the more fascinating is the story behind her creation. There are lots of ingredients that have gone into this complex, beautifully refined scent, but we’re going to start off by telling you about one of the main ones: agarwood, or ‘oud’. Oud comes from the Aquilaria trees, native to southeast Asia. Sometimes, an Aquilaria tree can become infected with a type of mould. As it fights off the infection, the tree produces a dark, deeply scented resin sometimes referred to as ‘liquid gold’. It’s astonishing in its rarity – people who know more about trees than us have estimated that fewer than 2% of Aquilaria trees make it.

What Goes Into Dark Wood?

dark wood glass jar candle

In Eastern civilisations, oud has a massive cultural significance. Chinese, Tibetan and Unani doctors have all used it to treat disease and mental illness throughout history. Its list of benefits is almost endless, but we’ve listed a few of the main ones:

  • Its ethereal scent calms the body, bringing tranquillity and removing negative energies, making it wonderful for meditation and relaxation
  • It provides heightened awareness and reduces fear, helping you to be mindful of everything good in your life
  • It improves mental clarity and eases obsessive behaviour, creating a sense of perfectly balanced peace and harmony in your home

With benefits like that, at Melt we think it’s no wonder that oud is so prized in communities in the Far and Middle East. As well as ‘agarwood’, oud has as many as fifteen different names, depending on the nationality of the speaker. We like the way ‘oud’ rolls off our tongues, though.

A Luxury Scented Candle Just That Makes Things Better

dark wood tall and fat

Like Recherché, Dark Wood uses the spicy-resinous cedarwood as an ingredient, this time on a base of uplifting patchouli. Patchouli has valuable aromatherapy properties, too – it drives away disappointment, uplifts the mood, and relaxes tension. When combined with the majestic and soothing properties of oud, the final result is a candle that fills your home with a sweet, refined scent that lifts you away from all your daily troubles and worries. It’s one of the many things that makes Dark Wood such a fantastic gift – even if it’s only to yourself!

Our Dark Wood Candle is just one amongst a range of luxury candles we have to satiate your senses here at Melt. You can click here to browse it in full, or give us a call here on our little shop on the farm for any questions you might have – our number is 01200 443377. We’re always happy to hear from you!

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