A Closer Look At Recherché

20 March 17
a closer look at Recherché

Springtime is nearing, and the sun’s finally coming out! What better way to celebrate the cheerful change in weather than with one of our scented candles? We’re taking a look at Recherché this week – amongst our newest and dare we say most charismatic candles!

Natural Wonder And Majesty In A Single Scent

recherché travel candle

Compared to some of our long-established favourites like Angel, Recherché is a relatively new addition to our range – already though, its popularity is taking off! Unlike the straightforward, celebratory floral scents of Joy fragrance, Recherché is a complex, deeply layered scent with a certain air of mystery to it. One for the nature lovers especially, the scent captures that unique feeling of wandering alone through a silent forest, with only the tweeting of the birds and the effortless majesty of trees towering all around you. There are few more awe-inspiring things than dappled sunlight leaking through the branches, with wood crunching underfoot. Whether you’re quietly relaxing or meditating, enjoying a hot bath as you unwind from a long week at work, or simply having it burning in the background as you go about your evening, Recherché’s perfect for it all!

Beauty In Complexity

recherché glass jar candle

Part of what makes it so beautifully versatile is the range of ingredients in it. A base of rose and cedarwood gives it that woody, earthy feel, together dry notes of sandalwood. Sandalwood has a place of respect and reverence in many world religions, adding to the quiet sense of dignity that Recherché can project. The fragrance is sweetened by more exotic florals like petitgrain, which is extracted from the bitter orange tree. Originally believed to have originated in south-east Asia, today the tree is found in Paraguay, Egypt, Haiti, Spain and Tunisia, just to name a few! Meanwhile, the bergamot oil brings another clean and refreshing citrus spark to the medley. These individual aspects of Recherché’s personality complement each other beautifully and meld together to make one unique, distinctive scent.

Why We Love It

recherché tall and fat

We love Recherché. Sometimes, the hustle and bustle of everyday life can get a little bit much, especially if you live in large cities or towns. A blissful wander through a forest can help you forget all the worries and the problems, at least for a little while, and we think people often underestimate the power that your senses have to transport you there. At Melt, we’re lucky enough to be a little bit closer to nature than a lot of people, working from our farmhouse shop in the gorgeous Ribble Valley, so we know and love that calming, peaceful sense that raw, natural scenery can evoke. We’ve tried to recreate it as best as we can in Recherché, and we hope you’ll love the results as much as we do!

Recherché can be complemented wonderfully by any one of our range of luxury scented candles, each of which has their own similar distinctive scent and personality. Whatever you’re looking for, we’re sure to have exactly the right one (or more) for you! You can click here to browse our full range of scented candles, or if you’re looking for some other nature-oriented options we’ve got more suggestions for you in our blog post on Forest To Fireplace: the best places to use your candles.

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