Choose the best fragrance for the warm summer evenings

23 July 19
warm summer evening

Ah, summer… we love it here at Melt luxury scented candles! This is the best time of year to enjoy a relaxing evening outdoors with family, friends, or lounging around your garden with a good book — taking in all of the fresh summer air. Granted, with a bit of a soggy June compared to last year’s wonderful heatwave, this recent spell of warm weather and sunshine has properly put us in the summer mood!

We have already discussed our favourite summer fragrances but this made us wonder which scents are the best for the warm evenings.

So, we have created this simple guide to help you choose the best fragrances for warm summer nights.


When it comes to summer evening fragrances, jasmine always comes to mind. The rich, sweet, and bold smell of jasmine is energising, mood-boosting, and cleansing to help you feel good and uplift your mood.

Often the night-blooming variation is the most recognised and associated with summer evenings due to many hotels decorating patios with it in warmer climate destination holidays like Tuscany.

Overall, the rich smell and wide range of health benefits make jasmine an obvious choice if you’re looking for a beautiful sweet floral aroma of summer!


Perhaps one of the most dramatic and enchanting fragrances suitable for warm summer evenings is the lily, which is not for the faint of heart. The lily blooms during the summer months with a heady and sweet fragrance which can often last into the evenings particularly on a warm night.


Generally, the scent of a lily is most associated with traits like purity, prosperity, confidence and passion making it a wonderful fragrance for candles. Especially if you are looking for a scent which can extend the feelings of summer days into your summer nights.

And we stock a Lily of the Valley candle for those of you who can’t get enough of the sweet, creamy and sophisticated fragrance!


The gardenia scent is an energising yet delicate aroma, which isn’t as sweet as the jasmine or as heady as the lily. But, don’t underestimate the ‘delicate’ nature of the gardenia it can hold its own when paired with these two other powerhouse fragrances. When combined with lily or jasmine or both it compliments them fantastically to create depth as we’ve made in our Dance candle.

Generally, the gardenia, like some variations of jasmine, prefers blooming and releasing its scent in the humidity and warmth of summer evenings — making it a fantastic selection to complement the smell of rain. Even more so if you’re based in the North West like us, and you’re no stranger to humid weather even in summer!

Summer fruits

Generally, here at Melt we do not use fruit as a stand alone fragrance but use it in combination with others to enhance or uplift scents.

Citrus is a very popular scent profile during the summer including lemons, limes, tangerines, grapefruits, and oranges. These fragrances are perfect for daytime, and where evenings are concerned, personally we feel the best option for summer evening fragrances is mandarin!


Why? Because unlike the other citrus fruits mandarin is a smell with lots of energy and can be blended with florals like jasmine, lily, and gardenia without getting lost or trying to take over. Additionally, it mixes exceptionally well with spices like cinnamon to create a refreshing but inviting scent.

If you aren’t interested in citrus, there are a tonne of other fruity scents for summer. Some of our favourite evening fragrances have notes of peach, blackcurrant, mango, berries, apricot, and prune mixed in them.

When it comes to summer fruit it’s really hard to go wrong! Many of our popular candles have hints of fruit, such as the dewberry in Angel, the prune and apricot in Burgundy, or the citrus notes in Joy.

Sandalwood or musk

No fragrance would be complete without something to enhance and ground a floral aroma with an earthy smell often the most popular are musk or sandalwood. Why? Because they both enhance the aroma of florals and add scent depth.

Many summer candles, like our Dance candle, keep a strong feminine floral aroma airy and bouncy by adding a touch of sandalwood.

Musk is a bit different and while most think it is a very strong smell — many variations have a light but easily identified intensely sweet aroma. Musk is actually often used as a balancing or base ingredient to give floral or other fragrances warmth and depth!

In addition to these, many summer fragrances add notes of lavender and herbs including basil to create clean and fresh aromas.

Summer fragrance profiles vary from person to person but we have a candle for you! However, if you are having trouble deciding which candle to purchase take a look at our sample selection to try before you buy!