How To Choose The Perfect Luxury Candle For Your Home

7 March 14


As fans of Melt will know, a luxury scented candle can help create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion, as well as defining the scent of your home.

Our mood is affected by fragrances and the different feelings and memories they evoke. Choosing the perfect luxury scented candles for your home can make your guests feel at home when visiting, and simply add a touch of comfort and familiarity for you and your family.

Location, Location, Location

Choosing where to feature your candle in your home is essential; different fragrances create very different moods – which is why we have over 30 different scented candles to choose from! – so think carefully about how you use each room, and how you’d like to feel there.

Deep, herby and evocative scents such as lavender and patchouli create a profoundly relaxing feeling and work well in bedrooms and cosy living areas. Fresh scents such as piquant pine and vibrant citrus create a more alert mood, and so work well in the bathroom and kitchen areas.

If you are having guests to stay you might like to consider creating a relaxing and warm atmosphere in the guest room – our Blush scented candle is comforting but not overbearing, while our White luxury candle is a soothing addition to any bedroom.

A fresh and bright scent will work well for the areas where you will want guests to feel lively and alert. Light florals can work well in dining areas, where a subtle scent will prevent you and your guests being overwhelmed as you eat.

‘Tis The Season…Or Is It?

The time of year can have a big influence on the scents we enjoy and the atmosphere we wish to create. During the winter months, warmth, relaxation and contentment are key; in the summer, fresh scents that make us feel bright, wide awake and alert are ideal – think fresh linen on the line, and the cut grass and sumptuous fig of our Eden scented candles.

Scented Candles For Winter…

During the winter months, fill your home with handmade candles in scents that remind you of Christmas and leave you feeling warm and peaceful. Our Aubergine scented candle is a wonderful choice for cold winter afternoons, while Forest scented candles will invoke memories of walks in the woods.

Our Noel, Nutmeg & Vetiver, Christmas and Autumn candles are also perfect for the festive seasons, so why not have a browse?

Scented Candles For Summer…

In the summer nothing works better than fresh and clean smelling fragrances that bring back flashes of holidays as a child, swaying tropical palms and heady summer evenings.

For a fresh day-time scent, why not try our Love scented candles, with their delicious blend of roses, or the sparkling citrus florals of our popular Joy scented candles?

Of an evening, our woody Verbena and Clary Sage luxury candles are an unusual but well-suited choice, with enough freshness to lift the scent, and cashmere woods, white cedar and moss to suit a sparkling summer night. For a more seductive evening, our Nocturne scented candles add spice and subtle sophistication. 

A Scent To Suit You

Your home is unique to you, and the scent you choose to feature in your home should be perfectly suited. Rather than picking luxury scented candles at random, think about the scents that you particularly enjoy, which make you feel happy, peaceful and at ease.

It is essential we feel relaxed and comfortable in our own homes and choosing the right scent can go a long way to making sure this is exactly how you feel.

Take your time when choosing a luxury candle for your home, consider how the scent would make you feel if it were a prominent scent in your house. On arriving home, will it capture that familiar feeling of belonging and comfort? If so, it’s the right scent for you.

Which scents feature in your home? Do you vary by room or season? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @MeltCandles!