Celebrate the season: Amazing Autumn

25 September 14
Amazing Autumn

There’s a real buzz at Melt HQ at the moment, with the busy summer holiday season over, we’re all looking forward to getting settled into the glorious autumn months. Not only is the temperature wonderful (especially with our Indian summers of late) so is the landscape and atmosphere all around. There’s the glorious autumnal colours, crisp crunch of the leaves and of course cosy pubs with roaring fires to name just a few autumn wonders.

In fact, we love autumn so much that we even developed our own scent for the season – so that we could bring a bit of autumn into our lives whatever the time of year. The scent incorporates everything there is to love about autumn, with its rich, spicy, fruity and warm fragrance. What’s more, it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, from our small travel candle that can deliver 22 hours of autumnal delight, right through to our tall and fat autumn candle, that delivers 160 hours of candle light and fragrance – that’s over an hour of fragrance for every day of the autumn season!

7 reasons why we love autumn

Time to be tranquil

Unlike most of the other seasons, autumn seems to have a real feel of calm about it. There’s no major events or public holidays to be celebrated, the weather is neither too hot nor too cold, and there’s a sense of rest and rejuvenation about the season. In fact, it’s the perfect season to sit down with a cuppa and a good book with your favourite scent blazing in the background.

Layers upon layers

We love a pretty scarf and a new pair of boots. Layering up for autumn gives us a good excuse to update our wardrobe with warm cosy layers that keep us snug for the months ahead.

Long soaks in the bathtub

With more time on our hands comes a good opportunity for a bit of pampering! Protecting your skin in advance of the harsher winter months with our nourishing body and skincare products is a great idea. You can’t beat a long soak with your favourite products, candlelight and a bit of easy reading!

Comfort food

As well as comforting our skin, we also enjoy keeping our digestive system happy with warming foodie delights. There’s something about autumn that makes it OK to indulge a little!

Fun festivities

Bonfire night and Halloween are a real hoot at Melt HQ. We love the fact there’s no pressure to do anything but that if you wish, you have the perfect excuse for a party.

Hot cocoa and cider

You can’t beat a hot cocoa or mulled apple cider in autumn. Whether it’s enjoyed in the comfort of your own home or against a backdrop of a roaring fire in your local country pub.

Sunset hues

No other season is better at delivering the brilliant bright orange sunset. Like all of the landscape in autumn, it really is picture perfect.

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