Our Cashmere Luxury Candle: A Superb Present For Mother’s Day

24 March 17
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With Mother’s Day coming up, we were faced with a pretty tricky task here at our shop on the farm: the task of picking out a candle to recommend for a Mother’s Day present. It definitely wasn’t easy – we love them all so much! After much discussion though, we decided that certainly amongst the top contenders was our Cashmere candle. We think you’ll agree, too; and here’s a bit about why.

Cashmere: A Wonderful Present For Mother’s Day

cashmere travel candle

Cashmere. You know its reputation; just the word itself is associated with quality, luxury and softness, and that’s exactly what we’ve aimed to achieve with our cashmere candle. It radiates with a gentle floral fragrance – a subtle perfumed scent, effortlessly feminine and with just a hint of sweetness. It’s warm, snuggly and as soft as silk, but with just that touch of class that you’d expect from a lady who bears such an exquisite name. It’s a candle that would be delightfully at home perching on the pristine whiteness of a vanity table, or nestling on a porcelain windowsill as you run yourself a luxurious hot bath.

While many of our customers find that they quickly develop particular favourites amongst our range, the beauty of cashmere is in the lightness of its touch. Its silky sweetness has a broad appeal across all our customers, making it almost equally loved by all – not a claim that all of our candles are able to make! As a gift, you can almost never go wrong with it; just one more on the long list of reasons that makes it such a fantastic present for Mother’s Day!

What Makes Cashmere?

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Our cashmere candle was a long labour of love during its creation. To us here at Melt, it seems only right that the luxury of its name is matched by the natural elegance of its ingredients.

One of these ingredients is Muguet, otherwise known as the Lily of the Valley. Far from a simple remedy, its known to provide a whole range of health benefits. History agrees with us, too – back in the Medieval ages, it was frequently used by doctors and herbalists! It was usually involved in treatments of high blood pressure and strokes, as well as rejuvenating a weak memory.

What’s more, together with Cashmere’s other ingredients of amber and jasmine, all three are widely used in aromatherapy to induce a soothing, calming atmosphere. This makes Cashmere an amazing candle for rest and relaxation, whether at the end of a hard day at the office – or simply just running round after the kids for a few hours!

Simple, Elegant, Luxurious: There’s No Better Mother’s Day Gift

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At Melt, we firmly believe that family is one of the most important things in the world, and we know that with that in mind, nothing less than the absolute best will do. Like all of our candles, Cashmere has been lovingly crafted to our standards of highest perfection, making each and every one a beautiful expression of love and admiration. In other words, it’s an ideal gift for Mother’s Day!

So, you’ve got our take on it – what’s yours? We have an extensive range of luxury scented candles to suit every personal taste, and you might already have a favourite in mind. You can browse our full range of candles here, or if you have any questions you can call us on 01200 443377. We’re always happy to help!

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