Candles for your star sign: Virgo

5 September 14
Candle fragrances to suit Virgo's

If you’ve celebrated a birthday recently, we’d hazard a guess that you’re one of those helpful reliable types – a Virgo. To celebrate your birthday (albeit belated for some of you!) we thought we’d get a little inspiration from your personal qualities, to help us discover the right birthday (ahem!) candle for you.

6 qualities we love about Virgos

  1. Virgo’s are independent. They’re fully capable of getting things done and sorting things out – which comes in very handy here at the Melt office. At work, their love of routine can also be a real asset!
  2. They’re logical, which makes us feel so much better in stressful, uncertain situations. But it does mean they may well think astrology is a load of old nonsense!
  3. Virgo’s make excellent friends. They’re truthful and loyal – and that’s surely all you need from a best pal right?
  4. They help keep the world in order with their rational thinking
  5. Virgo’s are calm and collected, so they’re great pals to have over when chilling out with your favourite Melt candles
  6. They’re pretty perfect. As perfectionists, Virgo’s often achieve what we aspire to achieve in our own lives.

The perfect candle for a Virgo

With that in mind, we’re looking for calm, settling fragrances to match the Virgo’s personality. A fragrance that helps a Virgo to wind down at the end of the day, having exhausted their intelligent and analytical mind.

Let’s just say, we’ve got a few fine fragrances that fit the bill nicely!

Blush adds a beautiful vanilla twist to a home and is guaranteed to make you feel sweet and banish any blues. It’s easy to beat yourself up about work when you’re a perfectionist, so escaping with the soft, sweet fragrance of Blush will leave you with sweet dreams, no matter how hard your day has been.

Another gorgeously cosy fragrance for the Virgo is Burgundy. This rich, deep fragrance featuring Ylang, Carnation, Rose and Almond will help your brain switch off in a jiffy.

The Eden scented candle is one of our most perfect fragrances. It doesn’t offend anyone, is suited to all seasons and rooms in the home, and charms everyone. Therefore Eden really is a must for a Virgo who likes to please and showcase the perfect home!

Sometimes a Virgo has just got to learn to let go and enjoy spontaneity. If you’re a Virgo, why not enjoy an unplanned weekend or evening in front of the TV or with friends, with the glorious Joy burning in the background? The bouncy, enthusiastic, uncomplicated fragrance of Joy may just give you a welcome burst of excitement into your daily life!

We’re pretty certain that these choices will be echoed by many of our lovely Virgo friends out there, but we’d love to hear from you about how fragrance influences your life, no matter what star sign you are!

Join us again soon for as we explore the key fragrances for the Libra’s of this world…

What candles would you pick for your star sign? We do hope it’s one of our own selection! Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @MeltCandles