Candles for your star sign: Scorpio

6 November 14
3rd november

As we move into autumn it’s time for us to explore another star sign, this time the dynamic Scorpio. With a birth date between October 23rd and November 21st, Scorpios are an interesting bunch.

They’re independent, emotional, determined, intense and secretly like to be a control freak! They can be weary of others and appear quite cold from the outside, but underneath that powerful exterior lies a loyal, caring friend.

A special friend in Scorpio

A few reasons we love to have a Scorpio in our lives…

They’re loyal and make amazing friends if you treat them with honesty and respect. With a Scorpio you’ll gain a true friend who’ll never forget the important things and never make false promises
They’re fiercely ambitious – something we really love as entrepreneurs ourselves here at Melt!
They never give up – another admirable quality and a bit like some of our key staff here at Melt. This year we’ve brought our Chandlery and Reading Room to you, and next year… well you’ll just have to find out!
They’re deep, emotional and intense with a penetrative mind. Some time with our candles usually helps them to switch off a little though.

At Melt, we think our scented candles can go a long way with a Scorpio, helping to enhance a Scorpio’s strengths – passionate, resourceful, observant and dynamic – and downplaying their weaknesses – they can be jealous, obsessive, suspicious and manipulative.

The Scorpio selection

Take a break with Still…
The spa fragrance of Still features geranium, lavender, rosemary, chamomile and a touch of eucalyptus, which together create a relaxing and calming atmosphere. Scorpios often need to take time out and step away from their busy, ambitious and passionate lives – and Still is the perfect fragrance to help them do this.

Switch off your penetrative mind with White…
This slightly spicy fragrance mixed with sweet, soft vanillas and musks smells delightful in any home. It’s certainly not a fragrance that Scorpios need to be weary of. The scent helps to create a totally relaxing atmosphere in which you can just enjoy the moment.

Celebrate the season with Autumn…
The Scorpio scented candle selection wouldn’t be complete without a fragrance to match their birth date. Our Autumn candle is full of oils that make is smell exactly how autumn should – rich, spicy, fruity and warm.

Live life to the full with Dance…
Just like a Scorpio, our Dance scented candle is packed full of confident, heady, ambitious fragrances with glorious floral notes include lily, jasmine and gardenia. It’s a full, passionate, bold fragrance and certainly not for the faint hearted!

Befriend and trust in Eden…
This fresh and elegant woody scent offends no-one (not even Scorpios!) and delights everyone. It’s the kind of fragrance everyone wants in their home and if Eden were a person, they’d sure be someone even an independent Scorpio wants to know!

Are you a Scorpio? If so, which on our fab candle collection would you choose? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @MeltCandles