Candles for your star sign: Pisces

13 February 15
Pieces candles image

Another month, another zodiac sign to analyse here on the Melt blog. This time it’s the turn of the Pisces.

Born between February 20th – March 20th, a Pisces is often a sensitive soul. Passionate about finding their true self, a Pisces is typically quite a spiritual person.

In fact, they are the sort you might find relaxing or meditating with our scented candles – which is why we’ve included our handy candle gift guide below. But before we get to that, let’s take a closer look at why we love a Pisces…

Three perfect Pisces traits

1) They are full of creativity

When inspired by life’s events, a Pisces will flaunt their creativity. They find it easy to float off in their imaginary worlds and come up with fabulously creative ideas.

Steve Jobs, the brains behind Apple was a Pisces – and we have no doubt that his creativity and compassion was behind much of his success

2) They make excellent friends

When it comes to a Pisces friend, there’s absolutely nothing that we could criticise. They’re loyal, sociable, and adventurous – guaranteeing a fulfilling, long lasting relationship.

Do make sure that they don’t take on all of your problems though, as they have a habit of making other’s problems their own problem – doing them more harm than good.

3) They continuously inspire others

While a Pisces may not be aware of it, they can be incredibly inspiring and influential. They have a great understanding of others and emotions and can express their thoughts and love in such creative ways.

The majority of famous Pisces are actually singers and actors – who are all making the most of their creative nature and inspiring the population with their work.

Candles for a Pisce

So we’ve just about got the personality of a Pisces covered, but which of our candles best complement a Pisces temperament? Let’s find out…

Burgundy is a perfect match for a Pisces. It’s complex, interesting, soft and deep with no sharp edges – just like a Pisces. Burgundy also offers that relaxation factor required for that much-needed switch off at the end of the night.

burgundy short and fat candle


While Dance doesn’t necessarily fit the description of a Pisces, the bright get-up-and-go fragrance has a fantastic impact on the pitfalls of a Pisces personality.

When a Pisces feels oversensitive, indecisive or a little down, Dance provides the perfect pick-me-up with its heady floral scent.

dance short and fat candle


Hush provides yet another fabulous remedy for the Pisces. The gentle, chalky floral scent is subtle and calming, providing a perfect backdrop for a meditation.

The simple yet glorious fragrance will take away all those thoughts that are eating you up and all those agendas and ideas that are tiring you out, leaving you comforted, balanced and calm… just what a Pisces needs from time to time.

hush short and fat candle


Are you a Pisces? If so, do tell us whether we got our candle selections right. You can share your favourite fragrances in the comments below or tweet the perfect Pisces fragrance to @MeltCandles