Candles for your star sign: Libra

30 September 14
Candle fragrances for a Libra

It’s time for us to tune into the stars again here at Melt as we discover the perfect luxury candle scents for all you Libras out there! Today, we’re going to be doing all the hard work for all you Libras – helping you make your decision – because we know that deciding what to buy when you have so much choice is always the hardest thing about shopping!

Graceful, idealistic and indecisive…

Sound like you? We thought so!

We love being around Libras, they’re all about partnerships and groups, which means they are a great asset in any team. Whilst they can be independent, they much prefer co-habiting and working with others – and we don’t blame them being the social birds we are here at Melt! Everyone likes a Libra, they’re always up to something fun and exciting and even make the most boring of tasks seem interesting.

However, despite their love of group work and partnership, and their role as a mediator and diplomat in group situations, they can be a tad lazy when it comes to hard work. Instead they prefer to just provide the creative ideas rather than get stuck into the nitty gritty!

Libras love luxury, taking it easy and surrounding themselves with beautiful things – mind you, who doesn’t?!

The perfect candle for a Libra

Libra’s are the perfect candidate for our candles because they love that bit of luxury and can always make time for a little pamper session. In fact, we’re going to find it difficult to whittle down to just a few candle choices – but we’ll give it a go, because we’re nice like that!

When a Libra needs some chill out time, there’s nothing better than our Still fragrance, burning in the background. Featuring geranium, lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus, it’s the ultimate fragrance for relaxing and unwinding.

For a peaceful scent with a bit of a fun, feminine kick, you can’t go wrong with Hush, our gentle, chalky floral fragrance. It’s the perfect candle to have burning whilst you have a long soak and pamper session in the bathroom, and features peach, pineapple, lilly, cedar and moss.

Like Libra, the warm and full fragrance of Angel is very likeable. When we light Angel in the Melt office, everyone flocks into the room to get a sniff of the indulgent jasmine, vanilla and chocolately smell. Unsurprisingly, it’s quite heavenly!

Libras have a soft spot for beauty and life, so the Dance fragrance is a perfect choice for a Libra who wants to celebrate all things wonderful in life. The full and feminine floral fragrance jumps out of its box as soon as you take the lid off and is guaranteed to infuse any room with wonder.

Tempted to explore the rest of our luxurious range? You can browse all our candles online. With over 20 fragrances available, you’re guaranteed to find a delicious scent to settle your mind and help keep your home smelling beautiful!

Did we get it right? If not, what candles would you pick for yourself as a Libra? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @MeltCandles