Candles for your star sign: Aquarius

14 January 15
candles for your star sign - aquarius

New year, new star sign. It’s now time for the Aquarius to get a little bit of the Melt treatment. These witty, creative, stubborn creatures will be celebrating their birthday between January 20th and February 18th. So today on the blog, we’re going to be diagnosing their perfect scented candles just in time for a birthday treat!

An Aquarius friend

If there’s one thing we can rely on an Aquarius for, it’s a good giggle. With their witty, clever and original sense of humour they never fail to make us laugh and always have that ability to put a smile on our faces on a dreary day. Aquarius’ feel good when they make others feel good, which generally makes them a real delight to be around. There’s nothing worse than someone who seems to feed off your misery and disappointments now is there?

Expect to go on lots of adventures with an Aquarius friend, a spontaneous trip to the zoo, a last minute holiday trip to a far-flung destination… you name it, an Aquarius has probably done it! Life is fun with an Aquarius friend. They make a great companion for the more uptight and stressed of us who sometimes need to see things from the other side. Be careful of their rebellious side though, you never know what sort of mischief you’ll find yourself wrapped up in. Believe us, we’ve experienced it!

So, we may have diagnosed the typical Aquarius – witty, clever, fun, stubborn and rebellious – but what does this mean in terms of scents? All is to be revealed…

The perfect candle for an Aquarius

Just the name of the candle Joy suggests it would be perfect for an Aquarius. Sparkly, happy and upbeat, it’s like we’ve managed to capture our favourite bits of an Aquarius and shove them in a candle! The scent? Citrus, wood and musky… so utterly joyous as you would expect!

While an Aquarius is all about adventure, sometimes it’s important for them to take some time out to sit back and relax. Our Burgundy scented candle is ideal for this. The clever combination says evening, hushed, still and cosy without being your typical vanilla or musk fragrance. It features a range of glorious ingredients right from ylang and rose through to almond and aniseed.

If there’s one thing an Aquarius enjoys it’s a bit of intellectual banter. Well would you believe we have a candle that rattles the old grey matter and brings those creative cogs back to life again? Rich Cream is a combination of a number of wonderful qualities, masculine and feminine, woody and spicy… we could go on. It really is guaranteed to keep any Aquarius interested!

Just like an Aquarius, Verbena and Clary Sage brings a huge smile to anyone’s face. The stunning scent is a hit in the Melt office and in all our stores and includes a mix of fresh yet rich tones.

Are you an Aquarius? If so, tell us what candles you would have picked. We’d love to know if we got it right! You can leave your answer in the comments below or tell us over on Twitter @MeltCandles