Candles for your star sign: Leo

19 August 14
candles for star signs - Leo

We’ve come over all mystical here at Melt! We know that folks of all strokes love our luxury scented candles, so we’re going to be taking a look (in our crystal ball!) at the perfect candles for your star sign. This week, it’s the turn of lovely Leos…

Unmissable, unforgettable and unmistakably LEO!

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, including anyone born between the 23rd July and the 22nd August. Ruled by the sun, this sign is big, bold and beautiful – just like the lion that acts as its mascot. If you’re a Leo, you’re likely to be:

  • A natural born leader, who thrives on being in the spotlight
  • Creative, full of ideas and imagination
  • Warm and enthusiastic, a creature of pleasure!
  • Determined, hard-working and inspiring
  • Stubborn and opinionated (“Oh no I’m not!”)
  • Great people persons, social butterflies, and generous friends and lovers

Put simply, Leos are like the lightbulbs (or candles!) that others flock around like moths. Your natural warmth draws other people in, makes them feel safe and helps to ensure that everyone has a good time when you’re around.

So what’s the perfect candle for a LEO?

Our luscious Leos aren’t usually ones to opt for a shy and retiring scent – just like your personality, you need a fragrance that makes an impact, inspires and invigorates, and can hold its own.

Bearing in mind the unforgettable quality that many Leos have, our first ever fragrance – our Noir candle – could be the perfect pick. Warm and full of life, our Noir candles are infused with spicy-sweet bergamot, elegant rose, fragrant clove, patchouli and sandalwood, rounded off with irresistible, comforting vanilla. Even the rich black of our Noir scented candle makes a striking visual impact – no wonder it continues to be one of our top choices!

Alternatively, why not tap into the happy, uplifting side of your wonderful personality with our Verbena and Clary Sage candle? Perfect for prolonging the summer (which, as a sun sign, you’re bound to like the sound of!), our verbena and clary sage candle is clean, fresh and classy, combining citrusy verbena leaves, sparkling silver lavender and bracing, herbaceous clary sage.

When we created this fragrance, a little ripple of happiness went round the whole team – and it’s the same reaction we get from customers who smell it for the first time. It’s a favourite with everyone – you just can’t help being drawn to it, just like a Leo!

We’ve got plenty of other uplifting and inspiring fragrances to pick from – in fact, with up to 30 candle fragrances to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice! We’ve also got a selection of bold, beautiful scents available in reed diffuser form – perfect for offices or rooms that are left unattended.

Are you a Leo? Do you think we got it spot on with our pick of the best candles for your star sign? Tell us below or tweet us @MeltCandles!