Candles for your star sign: Cancer

19 June 15
cancer star sign feature image

Today we’re celebrating the birthdays of all those lucky folk who get to enjoy their special day in the summer. With a birthday falling between June 21st and July 22nd anyone with a Cancer star sign can expect to celebrate with a scrumptious BBQ or pub meal outside in the glorious gardens. Us jealous? Well perhaps a little bit…

So what exactly do you buy a Cancer for their birthday?

Having a good understanding of their personality, likes and dislikes will certainly go a long way in helping you make the right decision – and that’s exactly what we’re going to explore in today’s blog.

The Cancer personality

When it comes to material and physical things in life, Cancers are 100 percent self-sufficient. They know what needs to be done and what’s expected of them and can be trusted to deliver. However, they’re not self-sufficient in all aspects of life. When it comes to emotions they need support and encouragement from others to push them forwards. Being the emotional sort, they can be subject to mood swings and find it hard to trust others– but once given the support they need a Cancer is always a delight to be around. They really are at their best when working in a close knit community and receive the attention and comfort they need.

Creative, forward-thinking and intelligent – a Cancer is an asset in any business. They have strong intuition and will stand up for what they believe in. However, to fully thrive they need to have resolved any emotional issues they may have, such as shyness and insecurity.

The perfect candle for a Cancer

Because a caring Cancer is likely to be a lifelong, supportive friend it’s a nice idea to treat them with a gift that complements their personality entirely. Our scented candles can help to amplify the best bits of their personality and help them to address their weaknesses, making them feel all round better about themselves.

A scent that will stay around…

Angel short and fat scented candle

For the ultimate caring scent we recommend Angel scented candle . Like a guardian watching over you, the rich, musky and slightly chocolatey scent is the perfect gift for anyone who needs a huge hug.

A scent to interest the most intelligent of souls…

Burgundy short and fat scented candle

With their creativity and intelligence a Cancer needs a scent to keep them interested. Burgundy scented candle is both complex and soft, meeting a Cancer’s emotional and intelligence needs all at the same time. It features Ylang, Carnation, Rose and Almond – amongst of whole host of scenty delights.

Our most comforting scent yet…

Hush short and fat scented candle

Hush scented candle, our gentle, chalky floral scent is pretty and soft and will please just about any star sign. It’s subtle yet comforting and couldn’t offend a single soul – making it perfect for an emotional Cancer.

 Are you a Cancer? If so, why not tell us which are your favourites from the Melt candle range. You can leave your comments below or tweet your signature scents to us @MeltCandles