Candles for all occasions: Perfect for a dinner party

18 February 15
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Whatever the occasion, you’ll be able to find the right scent to complement it at Melt. Our range of sumptuous scents help to create the perfect atmosphere for that post-work pamper session right through to that early morning wake up call… and just about everything in between!

On today’s blog, we’ll be exploring which scents best suit the ever-popular dinner party, helping you become that hostess with the mostess!

Choose something seasonal

When choosing your dinner party scent, the first thing you need to consider is the season. You don’t really want something to vibrant and floral for the Christmas months and similarly, we’re not sure a mulled wine aroma would go down to well during your spring afternoon tea.

christmas candle

Christmas candle

In winter, opt for deep fragrances that feature spicy and warm elements and in spring choose something light, fresh and floral – reflecting the change of the seasons.

We recently blogged about seasonal scents – so for more tips on what scents work in which seasons, you may want to take a read of it here.

Consider your menu

Are you having a veggie feast? A light afternoon tea? Or perhaps you’re serving up poultry or beef?

You don’t want your choice of scent to clash with the aroma of your delicious food, so think carefully about what scent would complement your dish and provide the best setting for your guests to enjoy it.


Aubergine Scented Candle

As a guide, we’d recommend something fragrant and warm for a beef dish, like our Aubergine scent; something light and fresh like Cedar & Pepperwood for a poultry-based menu; and something soft and floral for your afternoon tea – like Neroli and Rose Geranium.  


Cedar & Pepperwood Candle


Think about the whole event

Your dinner party isn’t just about the food – although we have to admit that tucking into a tasty dish is certainly one of our favourite parts!

A dinner event also gives you and your friends a great opportunity to socialise and continue the party afterwards in the lounge, with a glass of your favourite tipple…or three.

neroli candle

Neroli & Rose Geranium Scented Candle

It’s advisable that you create a relaxed mood; somewhere your guests can sit back, chill out and continue enjoying the evening.

Nocturne is one of our favourite scents for this. Subtle and sophisticated, it sets the scene for the rest of your social soiree.


Nocturne Scented Candles


Think about how many candles do you need

While we love our candles, it’s probably not best to overpower your home with a handful of different scents. You don’t want your guests to go home with a candle-induced headache!romance-candles

Instead, opt for one or two tall and thin candles in your kitchen – to help create that sophisticated mood. And for your lounge, use one of our reed diffusers or scented candles, both of which are ideal for giving off that continuous, subtle scent.

Which of our candles have you used at your dinner parties? We’d love to know! Tell us your favourites in the comments below or tweet us @MeltCandles