Candle etiquette

14 June 13
melt scented candles

Who knew there is such thing as candle etiquette? Weddings, events, restaurants and spas are usually where you’ll find candles.

As a wedding and event planner, I’m surrounded by candles at every event. There’s a huge difference in having candles at a spa and having candles at a wedding.

For one, at a spa, it is recommended to have scented candles because of the aroma and therapeutic aspect. Most spas have scented candles like sandal wood, vanilla, and eucalyptus. At a wedding, event or dinner party it’s not as likely or recommended to have scented candles on the tables.

The reason for this is that you may have guests who are allergic to different scents or have asthma, and they can interrupt your taste buds during meals. If you are scent lover and want to incorporate your favorite scent at your event, put handmade scented candles in the bathrooms, entrance ways or outdoor space like a patio.


Always remember to ask your venue the rules and regulations on having open flame. Many venues today require you to have flameless candles or require you to pay an additional insurance fee.

Make sure all your candles are in open areas and are attended to. Never leave lit candles in unattended areas.

Personally I love scented and unscented candles, but I do prefer at an event if the candles are unscented just for the fact that it might be a scent that I don’t like or it just may be too strong.

Happy Planning!

StaceyAnn Clayton

Owner of The Ultimate Planner-Weddings, Events& Decor