Can aromatherapy benefit our memory?

29 April 16
woman thinking

Aromatherapy has so many benefits. Who ever would have thought that a few drops of essential oil could make so much difference to one’s life? From reducing anxiety and depression to boosting energy levels and cognition, there’s an essential oil for almost everything. One area that has been talked about quite a bit of late is aromatherapy’s power to better our memory – even in cases of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Your diagnosis: Essential oils to try

Whether you’ve got a loved one living with dementia or you find it hard to remain focused from time to time, there are a number of essential oils that could benefit you:

Best for forgetfulness: Rosemary

Rosemary herb scent

Rosemary enhances our proscriptive memory – which is the ability to remember things happening in the future. So, if you’re the type to forget dates and times of meetings and appointments, it might be worth getting a whiff of this lovely scent.

In fact, according to a team of psychologists at Northumbria University, rosemary oil was shown to increase memory by a staggering 75%! In the test, the essential oil was diffused into a room via an aroma stream fan diffuser – so not much fancier than your standard scented candle or diffuser.

Best for a lagging memory: Basil

basil scent

Struggling to keep all that information in that tired head of yours? If you’re suffering from fatigue and poor memory, basil might just provide the solution. Ideal for use when studying for exams, basil helps you to make the most out of your working time and make your study time more effective.

Best for focus: Peppermint

peppermint scent

If you suffer with what we like to call foggy brain syndrome, why not start your day with a dose of peppermint? This scent helps to clear and wake up your brain, promoting clarity and focus for the day ahead while improving your memory.

The science behind it all

You might be wondering how these scents work. It’s all down to relaxation and proper breathing. As aromatherapy encourages deeper breathing, allowing a person to take in more oxygen, you quickly become more alert and your attention span improves. Of course, not any oil would do. Just the oils listed, along with lemon, sandalwood, sage and black pepper, have been proven to have a positive impact on memory and concentration.

For best results, use one of our oil-infused handmade scented candles, reed diffuser, or pop a few drops onto a handkerchief and directly inhale the scent through the nose.

Improve your memory with Melt

At Melt Candles, we have a number of scented candles infused with ingredients for the memory. Some of the combinations you might want to try include the dark and fragrant Violet & Black Pepper handmade scented candle; the bright and bold Dance luxury candle; and cosy yet uplifting Rich Cream scented candle.

How has aromatherapy helped you? Whether it’s helped to improve your memory or played a role in healing an illness, we’d love to know. Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @MeltCandles