Brighten up your corporate event with scented candles

28 September 15
melt candles

If you’re looking for ways to guarantee that your next corporate event will be a success, look no further. In today’s blog we’re showing you just how essential oils can create that all-important atmosphere you’re looking for. Whether a welcoming vibe is your number one priority, or you’re looking to get the cogs turning and boost your colleagues’ brainpower, you’re certain to find the right scent for your event!

Lemon oil for productivity

melt candles blog corporate events lemon oil

If you’re keen for your employees to get something out of your corporate event, opt for lemon oil. The scent, which promotes concentration and a calm, relaxed atmosphere, is sure to get your employees buzzing with ideas. What’s more, it also has antiviral and antibacterial properties – ideal for preventing sore throats and colds that can easily be spread in communal environments.

Melt candle choice

Productivity blend: Rich Cream Scented Candles

Jasmine oil for revitalised energy

melt candles blog corporate events jasmin

Create an energetic, optimistic atmosphere with jasmine oil. Ideal for corporate events taking place in the afternoon, or towards the end of the week when staff are tired, jasmine will be sure to revitalise all those in the room. It’s also useful for creating a calming atmosphere – which is ideal when you’re looking to create a contrast to the environment of everyday work.

Melt candle choice

Revitalised energy blend: Dance Scented Candles

Peppermint oil for brain boosting

melt candles blog corporate events peppermint oil

Fresh and minty, peppermint oil is the ideal choice for corporate events with an away-day feel. If you’re hoping to get some fantastic ideas out of your staff, through team games and brainstorming, peppermint oil is sure to help the process. As an energy booster peppermint invigorates the mind, promotes concentration and stimulates clear thinking – creating an ideal environment for the company that wants results!

Melt candle choice

Brain boosting blend: Still Scented Candles

Lavender oil for corporate calm

melt candles blog corporate events lavendar oil

Keep tensions low with the calming scent of lavender – a particularly wise choice if you think rivalries or high energies will ruin the mood of your event.

Melt candle choice

Corporate calm blend: White Scented Candles

Orange oil for creativity

melt candles blog corporate events orange oil

Orange oil is another great choice for a creative atmosphere, much like lemon oil and peppermint. It stimulates the right side of the brain, which controls our creativity, while bringing greater mental focus and clarity.

Melt candle choice

Creativity blend: Shine Scented Candles

Sandalwood oil for the feel-good factor

melt candles blog corporate events sandalwood oil

When one feels good about themselves they’re likely to have a good time – which is exactly why sandalwood oil is a great choice for any event, party or gathering. It uplifts and inspires the psyche and heart and allows access to deeper, inner confidence – a must for a successful, expressive event. Together, these properties also create a welcoming atmosphere, ensuring everyone feels right at home at your special event.

Melt candle choice

Feel-good blend: Nocturne Scented Candles

To explore our whole range of scents, take a lot at the Melt luxury scented candle range here.

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