Boost your skin with the Nourish organic skin care range

24 July 14
Nourish Organic Skin care

Today we’re looking at another one of our luxury skin care ranges. Nourish organic skin care was created by skin care specialist Pauline Hili. She combines science and nature to leave you with a ‘little pot of happiness’ that does wonders for both your skin and mind.

Nature and Science in balance

If you like your skin care to be full of nature’s finest ingredients, Nourish is for you. It’s a vegan skin care range which uses organically farmed biodegradable ingredients and plant extracts – guaranteed to revitalise, refresh and nourish your skin. Within the Nourish organic skin care range there are five collections; four of which have been developed with specific skin types in mind, and the Treatment range which is suitable for giving all skin types that much needed boost.

Within each skin type specific range you’ll be able to choose from a variety of products including:

• Cleanser
• Toning mist
• Everyday moisturiser
• Skin serum
• Hand lotion
• Shower gel
• Body butter
• Gift pack – which comprises of a cleanser, toning mist, moisturiser and serum

For combination skin

Choose the Balance range. With its combination of balancing apple extracts and carefully chosen vitamins and minerals, the Balance range can optimise both dry and oily skin at the same time. It smooths out blotches to reduce the overall effects of aging, as well as providing optimal hydration to sensitive patches.

For normal skin

Choose the Radiance range. With foxberry, tonka beans and allergen free rose fragrance you’ll be left with skin that glows! When used together, the products leave you with bright, revitalised, healthy looking skin. It’s perfection in a bottle!

For dry skin

Choose the Protect range. Dry skin no longer needs to be a pain with the skin saving products in the Protect range. With carrot extract, a species of high omega Shea butter and vitamin E, your skin will be restored and moisturised in no time. Anti-oxidant protection ensures that skin exposed to the daily elements and workplace environments remains protected and locks in moisture. Like all our ranges, it’s also great at reducing the effects of the natural aging process – which is always a bonus!

For sensitive skin

Choose the Relax range. Combining the stress relieving properties of lavender, with carrot extract, a species of high omega Shea butter and vitamin E leaves you with soothed, stress free, happy skin – and the scent is just divine!

For the ultimate skin care treat

Choose the Treatment range. Specially formulated to give you skin a radiant boost, the Treatment range is perfect to pamper yourself with ahead of special occasions or to break into each new season.

Whatever type of skin you have you’ll find a range and product to bring out its natural radiance with Nourish organic skin care. Why not take some time out, run a hot bath, light your favourite Melt candle and indulge in a pamper night with your top picks from our skin care collection. You deserve it!

What products will you be buying from the Nourish skincare range? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @MeltCandles