Time Together – The Best Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day

6 February 17
time together the best ways to spend valentines day

It’s the end of January already, and with February rocketing up to meet us, we’re already thinking about Valentine’s Day. We’re just so excited! There are plenty of ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day in the big wide world – every restaurant, bar and club is getting in on the deal – but there are plenty of ways to enjoy it inside the home too. After all, Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be just about getting the best deal on a night out; it should be about you and your loved one spending some quality time together. Here are just a few of our favourite suggestions for a romantic night in.

Spa Night And Snuggles With Luxury Scented Candles

 scented candles for spa

The first resort of many couples, and with good reason! Use your day together to treat each other to your favourite things – whether that involves a long, relaxing bath followed by wine and chocolates, or a tension-releasing massage and one of your favourite “forbidden” meals. Each year when Valentine’s Day comes around we see a lot of blog content with images of beautiful models cosied up to one another, tidily popping pieces of chocolate between perfect teeth in perfectly whitewashed rooms. At Melt, we say: stuff all that! You’re not being photographed, or interviewed, or vetted for a magazine cover. Just for one day go crazy, pig out, do what makes you comfortable. Skip the makeup, put on your baggiest top, and let yourself be pampered. After all, it’s not the makeup he fell in love with, it’s you!

For this we recommend our Hush or Angel luxury scented candles. Hush is a gentle, unassuming scent that’s a beautiful background fragrance, while Angel’s hint of chocolate oil gives her an attractive sweetness that will last throughout your day.

A Sexy Night Of Passion With Melt Handmade Candles

dark candle scents

We know every relationship is different, but let’s be honest – this one’s always pretty close to the top of the list! How much preparation you want to do for this one depends on your own personal tastes, really. Roses are unfailingly expensive on Valentine’s Day, but bruised or damaged ones are usually sold cheap, which means that they’re perfect for being scattered on the path to your bed. Strawberries dipped in chocolate is another inexpensive way to set the mood, and it can play dividends later on, if you catch our meaning (we’re not talking about good returns on financial investments, in case you don’t). Maybe you’ve got some naughtier garments stashed away, in which case now is where they earn their keep. If you don’t, on the other hand, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to try some new ones out!

Remember, candlelight can’t be beaten for mood lighting in these sorts of situations, and luxury scented candles just add another sexy dimension to the atmosphere. Noir is the ideal lady for companionship in these steamier settings, with a dark, heady and sensual fragrance. Or, if you prefer to be a bit more coy with your man, Nocturne’s soft, elegant scent evokes just a hint of ladylike mystery.

Of course, you may have your own ideas about which of our candles go best with your dream Valentine’s Day night in. You can browse our range of luxury scented candles to form your own ideas, or find out more about how to use your candles at home. As always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or queries!

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