The Best Things We Love About Spring

7 April 17
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So, spring is beginning…it’s the start of a brand new season, and it brings with it a ton of whole new reasons to love life! We know there are plenty of reasons we’re keen on it here at Melt – not just because we’re leaving behind some dreary winter weather, but it’s also because spring is a great time to make some personal changes in your life too!

The Days Are Getting Brighter!

sunny spring day

Before we start talking too much about our luxury scented candles, we’re taking a moment for one of the most obvious bonuses of spring – the sunny weather! There are few things quite so universally well-loved as a good long, warm day, especially here in Britain, where we’re generally not known for the quality of our climates. It makes things particularly pretty here in the Ribble Valley, where our little shop on the farm is based (and it’s excellent dog-walking weather, too!).

Bright sunny days are fantastic for clearing our minds of stress and worries – and we’ve got the science to back it up. We won’t go too technical on you, but humans have evolved to be very sensitive to light. Essentially we’ve evolved to be active and energetic during the daylight hours, and wind down at night. Candles affect us in a similar way – the low light makes our pupils dilate, which is also what happens when we’re excited about something (or someone!). It’s the reason why candles so romantic, and the same reason why brighter weather makes us happier and more energetic.

Spring Clean Your Home, Body And Mind

the best things we love about spring feature image

Springtime is known as the time for new beginnings, where flowers begin to bloom while we shrug off some of the dreariness of winter. With that in mind, it might be time to give your home a quick spruce. It doesn’t have to be anything intensive – just putting away some of the heavy winter blankets, and de-cluttering your dressing table. You might be surprised at how much better the extra space makes you feel.

And of course, what better way to complete the transformation than with a well-chosen springtime luxury scented candle. Spring scents are fresh and cheerful, full of vim and vigour; things like citrus, rose and lemon. It’s all about lightness and relaxation, reducing current stresses and stoking excitement for the future. We’d recommend our candles Dance and Joy for those fantastic citrus scents to bring a lively sense of energy to your home (and with names like that, who could be surprised!). Meanwhile, our Eden candle is a perfect choice if you’re thinking about the beauty of nature, and all the wonders of the natural world that we can see at this time of year.

Of course, you might have ideas of your own for the best springtime scented candle – and who are we to argue! You can browse our full range of candles here, and don’t forget you can always give us a call on 01200 43377 if you’d like any help or advice. We’re always happy to oblige!

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