From Forest To Fireplace: The Best Places To Use Your Candles

23 January 17
From Forest To Fireplace: The Best Places To Use Your Candles feature image

At Melt, we pride ourselves on our wide range of products. Were you to ask us, it would be impossible to pick out the ‘best’ one – they’re all fantastic for different settings. So, after putting our heads together, we’ve decided to make things a bit easier for you, and come up with some of those settings ourselves… giving you a bit of a heads-up in some of the best environments for each candle. It’s not exhaustive, and you might be able to think of some better ones yourself!

Autumn Or Winter Candles

Getting comfy with a book

Time is certainly flying! As we zip towards spring, and some lighter mornings to boot, we thought we’d better put this heading at the top of the list while it’s still relevant! We think autumn and winter are both wonderful times of year. Yes, it’s true, we get a lot of rain (we are British after all), but these seasons both hold a unique feel that’s completely distinct from the other times of year, and we’ve perfectly encapsulated them with our fabulous scented candles – if we do say so ourselves. Our Christmas and Noel fragrances both pay homage to distinct but closely intertwined parts of the festive season – Noel is replete with a scent of resin and soft pine, evoking the inherent arboreal beauty of the trees themselves, while Christmas radiates with the celebratory spirit of the season. Spicy and warm like mulled wine and a log fire, it’s a scent for presents by the fire, or a raucous Christmas dinner. Autumn, meanwhile, is represented by a candle that brings together cinnamon, nutmeg, orange, and vanilla to create a finished product that’s wonderful for cosy days in when the nights are growing longer.

Warm And Wonderful Nights in

Drinking wine by the fire

Speaking of quality time indoors, we’ve got a whole raft of suggestions for you for comfortable nights in all year round. Whether it’s the subtle whisper of the Hush candle, quietly adding a gentle and chalky scent to the fabric of your room, or the Burgundy – filling the air with a soft, deep but unobtrusive aroma that’s ideal for a glass of wine and a quiet book – there are no shortage of candles to choose. The Angel is one of our personal favourites for this sort of pastime. In fact, it’s one of our most popular candles ever. With well over a decade of solid continual loyalty from our customers, the Angel’s silky but understated sweetness is loved all the more for the hint of chocolate oil we use to make it, making it a valued companion all through bright and darker evenings alike. Blush is another universally revered fragrance, especially amongst the ladies. With a scent of malted vanilla carefully blended on a base of ambers and woods, it radiates with a sweetness that stops short of being sickly – creating a final result that’s soft, snuggly and innocent (a perfect companion to an armchair, a fluffy blanket and something good on the telly!).

But Wait, There’s More…

A stylish spring living room

There’s no denying winter is a wonderful time of year – the colourful lights, for one! – but we at Melt equally can’t wait for spring and summer to dawn, so we can start getting some of that glorious sunshine again. When we do, we’ve got a whole other collection of candles for you to enjoy – but to find out what those are, you’ll have to read our next post!

In the meantime, if we’ve sufficiently whetted your appetite, you can also browse our full range of reed diffusers for something wholly different.

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