Best bedtime scents

10 May 16
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With exam season well on its well and the warmer temperatures starting to make night time a little uncomfortable, many will be finding it harder to sleep. Whether you struggle to relax, have a stuffy room, or just can’t sleep in with the early morning light, we’ve got a scent for you.

Here are the best scents to help you get sleep at night:

  1. Lavender; a comforting, gentle fragrance
  2. Chamomile; a calming, peaceful scent
  3. Marjoram; a sweet, relaxing aroma

…but you can read more about them below!


The importance of sleep

While you may dismiss insomnia and poor sleep as the norm, it’s an issue you really need to tackle. Sleep plays a huge role in your overall health and wellbeing and a deficiency can be dangerous. Overnight, your heart and blood vessels are healed and repaired while your brain forms new pathways to help you learn and remember information. What’s more, a lack of sleep has been linked to a number of health problems. Obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and strokes have all been linked to not getting enough hours.

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How much do you need?

As long as you’re getting between seven and nine hours sleep every night you should feel fine. The requirements for each individual are different and while some may feel fine with just seven hours, others will struggle.

If you’re regularly getting a few hours less sleep, it could be a real problem. Just one or two hours less sleep a night results in a lowered ability to function. In fact, you’ll feel like you’ve lost out on a whole night’s sleep. The hours really do add up.



Sleepy scents, perfect for inner calm and relaxation

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  1. Lovely lavender

As usual, lavender comes up trumps again. In fact, lavender is said to help individuals to sleep more deeply while helping them to wake up fresh the next morning with more energy.


  1. Calming chamomile

Whenever we’re suffering from stress or tension, we can always rely on chamomile. That’s exactly why it’s also great for a good night’s sleep. Calming and soothing, the essential oil promotes relaxation and peacefulness in the bedroom.


  1. Magical marjoram

Sweet marjoram is ideal for insomniacs because of its calming and sedating effect. It can help to ease tension, anxiety, and overactive minds as well as soothing worry – a huge contributor to poor sleep.

Find these and other sleep-inducing scents in the following Melt scented candles:

Scents to stay away from at night include rosemary, grapefruit, lemon, and peppermint. While they smell beautiful, they’re known for their stimulating properties and may make insomnia worse.

Three extra tips to ensure a good night’s sleep

  1. Make sure your room is as dark as possible. Remove all technologies with standby lights and make sure you’ve got blackout blinds or curtains.
  2. Stop using technology an hour before bedtime. The blue light from gadgets like our phones and televisions can cause havoc with sleeping patterns. Save playing with technology for daytime and switch to more relaxing activities, such as reading a book or having a bath, at night.
  3. Avoid stressful activities or conversations before bed. The last thing you want is adrenaline racing through your body, especially at night.


Good luck!


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