Autumn: Savour the best of this season’s scents

17 August 15
melt blog autumn preview feature image

When we think about the changing seasons it’s the smells that really remind us of the season, as opposed to the events or our memories. There’s something about smell that really taps into our emotions, creating feelings – both good and bad – about a certain place or time of year. With this in mind, and because summer is on its way out, we thought we’d spend some time reminiscing about the smells we love in autumn.

 Our favourite autumn scents

Cinnamon. We adore this spicy smell and try to use it in almost everything we consume – drinks, cookies and even pancakes… you name it! Of course, we’re always burning a cinnamon-infused scent or two too.

melt blog autumn scents cinnamon

Red wine. There’s nothing better than a glass of red to relax with after a long hard day. With the dark skies and the fire roaring in the background, an autumn night sets the perfect mood for enjoying our favourite tipple.

melt blog autumn scents red-wine

Autumn leaves. While summer grass and leaves just seem to make us sneeze, autumn trees and the cosy countryside give off a sharp yet endearing scent.

melt blog autumn scents leaves

Bonfires. There’s something about the smoky scent of bonfires that make us feel warm and cosy. While we love the sweet smells of summer, there’s certainly a time and place for them. Give us the rich, dark and mysterious smoky scent any day!

melt blog autumn scents bonfire

Pie. When we were thinking of our favourite autumnal scents, there were just so many fruits and berries we wanted to include too – from apples right through to cherries. Of course, not because we wanted to eat a handful of fresh fruit – instead we were thinking of the pies!

melt blog autumn scents apple pie

If we’ve got you in the mood for cosying up by the fire and getting stuck into autumn, why not inject some autumnal scents into your home with our scented candles.


melt blog autumn scents flame

For the definitive autumnal scent, choose Autumn scented candles. Spicy and warm, it reminds us of everything there is to love about the season. Guy Fawkes night, bobbing for apples, crisp, colour changing leaves and roasted chestnuts. Featuring cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and spice, among other essential oils, it’s the perfect warm-up living room scent.

Combining romance and autumn spice, Aubergin scented candles are perfect for those oh so special dinner dates. Just like mulled wine, but with a fragrant floral twist, it evokes a real sense of magic – just what you need on date night. While autumnal scents such as clove, cinnamon and bergamot feature in this beauty, there are also some extra special sensual scents thrown in like rose.

If you’re looking for a powerful and rich scent to warm up your home, try our Saddle scented candle. Spicy, rich, smooth and quite masculine – it’s the ultimate snug-worthy scent. It features some of our favourite essential oils like lavender, geranium and rose – as well as autumn favourites like moss, amber and patchouli.

What are your favourite autumnal scents? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @MeltCandles