Add an enchanting touch to your wedding with candles

26 February 15

Styling your wedding with candles is the perfect way to add an enchanting touch to your special day. Romantic, ambient and classic, their chic touch never disappoints.

Today, we’ll be sharing our expert advice on how you can incorporate candles into your big-day. Giving you all the know-how on styling and telling you everything you need to know about big-day scents.

Styling with candles

Candles are great for winter weddings. They not only brighten up an otherwise dark and dull room, they also add warmth and romantic ambience that only their little yellow flames seem to be able to do.

You can have a few small candles dotted around the church, like our tall and fat scented candles; and place a few around the tables in your reception space – either surrounding your centrepiece or in strategic places like your guestbook and cards tables.

You can also add some glamour and charm to your cake table, with a few of our short and fat scented candles.

If you’ve opted for a rustic style affair with long trestle tables as opposed to round tables, candles give the perfect finishing touch. Line our tall and thin candles down the length of your tables and decorate with foliage – natural, simple and stunning!

Of course, candles aren’t just for winter celebrations. They also add warmth and beauty to weddings throughout the year and make excellent wedding favours.

They work especially well in churches, which are known to be cold and dim on even the sunniest of days, and they’re fantastic for use at night, after sunset.

If you’re having an outdoor celebration in marquee or tipi, it may be worth using our short and fat scented candles to highlight important pathways – for example to the car park or bathrooms. Not only will they look beautiful, they’ll help ensure your guests stay safe too.

The right fragrances for your wedding

Fragrance is key to achieving the right balance in any room. Having a spectacular candle display at the expense of your guests’ tastebuds is not a good idea – so you need to think carefully about which scents best suit which settings.

Fragrances that are food friendly and well suited to your wedding breakfast and reception space include:

Neroli and Rose Geranium

More scented candle

More Scented Candle

Love scented candle

Love Scented Candle

Joy scented candle

Joy Scented Candle

These scents favour ingredients such as rose, as opposed to strong woods and spices.

Other scents to create a feel of romantic ambience – for use during your ceremony include:

Angel scented candle

Angel Scented Candle – for an infusion of vanillas and musk – with a hint of chocolate!

Blush scented candle

Blush Scented Candle – a comforting vanilla scent on a base of ambers and woods

Burgundy scented candle

Burgundy Scented Candle – for a complex, soft and full scent with no sharp edges

Why not explore our entire scented candle range online and take a closer look at our candle accessories? Our slate candle holders are our recommended buy and they add a fabulous touch to country, rustic and vintage style celebrations.

How are you incorporating candles into your wedding style? Tell us in the comments below or share your wedding ideas with us over on Twitter @MeltCandles