Achieve Total Relaxation With Yoga And Luxury Scented Candles

29 September 17
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This month is National Yoga Month, which makes it a great time to experiment with some new uses of our luxury scented candles! The relationship between candles and the practice of yoga goes back a long way. It’s a well-known item that yoga teachers use to calm their students, and a lot of that is thanks to candlelight’s automatically calming effects on our minds and bodies. This week on the blog, we thought it was worth exploring that relationship in a little bit more detail, as well as giving you a few tips on how to practice yoga easily at home!

Why Are Candles Used In Yoga?

relaxing in yoga position

Essentially, candles are used in yoga because we strongly associate them with a sense of warmth and relaxation, which are exactly the sorts of feelings that yoga aims to invoke and encourage. If you’ve ever seen a room lit entirely by candlelight, you’ll know exactly what we mean – the sight of the soft, warm flickering light is beautifully calming, which is why so many yoga experts use them to light their rooms. Experts say there’s a bit of science behind this; on some level, our reaction to fire is evolutionary, as we’ve always associated it with warmth and shelter. In other words, home. The low light of a candle is also a huge dial down from the bright harsh light of, say, LED strip lighting. While bright lights encourage feelings of wakefulness and alertness, dimmer lights make us feel more relaxed and restful.

It’s not just science though – the flickering flame of a candle casts a light that’s also symbolic of the power within us. It’s passion and endurance, but also modest and unobtrusive; perfect for the quiet practice of yoga. Many people can find candlelight inspiring, especially when they’re having difficulty with a particular pose. We could go on and on – there’s no shortage of reasons why candles find great homes in yoga studios!

Our own luxury scented candles stand up to the task well, too – and their scents can add an extra sensory dimension to enhance the experience. At this time of year, we find our Autumn candle to be amongst our most popular variants, but for yoga we’d recommend something light and relaxing, such as Blush. Candles that bring us closer to nature are particularly well suited – Eden, for example.

Yoga At Home With Melt Candles

eden candle

Yoga has lots of wonderful benefits it can bring to those who practice it, including improved flexibility, improved muscle strength and tone, and helping you to feel more relaxed, happy and healthy in your daily life. Watching experienced practitioners can be intimidating if you’re still just a beginner, but don’t let that put you off! Below, we’ve outlined a basic beginner pose to help you start practicing yoga at home – and don’t forget to light your candles…

Mountain Pose

Stand with your feet together and make sure your shoulders are relaxed. Your feet should be squarely on the floor, with your weight evenly distributed throughout your soles, and your arms still at either side. Take a deep breath and raise your hands over your head, palms facing each other, with your legs straight. With enough practice, you’ll find your posture improves, your breathing steadies, and your awareness increases. Though it is a beginner pose, it still takes practice and self-awareness to do it properly, so make sure you’re standing straight and not puffing your chest out!

We’ve included some suggestions for luxury scented candles above, but you’re free to choose your own! Click here to browse our full range of scented candles, or read one of our previous blogs to find out more about why candles are so calming.

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