Achieve a sense of calm in our Chandlery and Reading Room

30 October 14
Chandlry and reading room

Next time you visit our shop in the gorgeous Ribble Valley, Lancashire, you’ll be able to enjoy a whole new, relaxing experience within our new Chandlery and Reading Room.

If you’ve been shopping with us here at Melt for a while, you’ll know about our passion for relaxation, luxury and tranquillity – which we’ve been bringing to homes across the world for years. But now we’ve set up on own little peaceful spot, next door to our shop in Ribble Valley, where you can come and enjoy a spot of calm amongst some of our favourite fragrances and books.

Inspired by history

We named this sensational space after the room where candles were made and kept in medieval times – the chandlery. During this time candles were the only means of light and so were highly prized and jealously guarded, and while much has changed in modern day, our candles still cause quite a flurry as the scents tempt passers by into our shop.

Our new Chandlery and Reading Room have finally given the candles the room and presentation they deserve – as well as giving you the space and time to explore our range in peaceful, non-pressured surroundings. Of course, our rustic looking candles complement the feel and style of the new room perfectly, transporting you back in time and taking you away from the day-to-day stresses of life and energy-zapping technology. And with a calm and creative room finally designed, it only seemed right that we combined the space with another peaceful activity, reading.

A touch of zen

Imagine your next visit, sat back completely relaxed, taking in the surrounding scents and words from one of the specialist books we have available, while enjoying a toasty mulled wine. Can you think of anything better? No children running around to disturb you, no husband complaining the surrounding vanilla scents are too strong and no time restrictions. When you’ve had your moment to soak in the atmposhere you can move to the Chandlery to explore over 30 of our fragranced candles, sat upon our gorgeous, wow-factor centrepiece. If fact, the only difficulty you’ll have during your visit is deciding which candles you don’t want– or remembering which scent was which!

We’ve worked really hard to create a lush, rich, warm, calm environment for you and so hope you enjoy your experience in our new space as much as we enjoyed creating it. The only downside of the Reading Room for the Melt team is our continual urge to escape the hustle and bustle of life and retire to our new retreat – when we should in fact be working!

Discover what Melt have in store

Of course, a trip to Ribble Valley wouldn’t be complete without visiting our store too. You deserve to be treated to some luxury, so why not pop in and indulge in our scented candle fragrances, cashmere, skincare ranges and Christmas stocking fillers. We promise we’ll let you browse at your own pace – complementing the tranquil experience had within our Chandlery and Reading Room.

To find out more about new room, give the shop a call on 01200 443 412

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