6 easy steps to switch your home decor for Spring

30 April 19
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As the weather finally gets hotter and brighter (although there have clearly been a few hiccups in the past week or so!) so it’s the perfect time of year when many of us are thinking about switching the decor and atmosphere around our homes. Our scented candles can provide a few easy ways to do that – for example, switching from Love to Shine can instantly change the mood of a space. If your ambitions are bigger though, it’s probably going to take a bit more planning – but happily, we’ve got a few handy bits of advice for you there!

1. Decide on your vision for your space

First things first! Before you start moving anything out or moving anything around, you’re going to need to decide what you want your home to look like at the end of it. Doing the planning aspect first is wise so you can work out what’s going where, and if you want to implement any new colour schemes. You might decide to replace certain decorative touches or furniture – temporarily or permanently – or even remove them altogether! The important thing is to have a plan and bear in mind why you’re doing it before you begin.

2. Make an exit strategy for anything you’re getting rid of

For each item or furnishing you’re planning to remove, you need to decide: are you just putting it away for a bit? Storing it in the attic for months? Or, getting rid of it entirely? The answer for each one is going to require a slightly different approach, so again it’s best to think about the answers to these in advance.

What you absolutely want to avoid is having piles of stuff sitting in hallways or in the corner of rooms for weeks on end. The longer they sit there, it’s likely that the less motivation you’ll eventually have to deal with them, which means you may eventually give up entirely! Try and set things up so that you’re ready for anything you’re removing to be gone in the same day – whether it’s just going into the attic, or all the way to a skip or charity shop.

3. Remove what you need to, before you start adding things in!

Of course, you may have decided you don’t want to remove anything at all – but if you haven’t, then it’s wise to start getting rid of stuff before you start making any additions. This way, you avoid unnecessary clutter, and give yourself the chance to make your home a lot more spacious. If you’re thinking about removing any big pieces of furniture, you should do those first – it’s sometimes surprising home much difference they can make! Once you’ve opened up some space, you may even decide not to fill it up again with something else – it’s always best to give yourself the opportunity to consider all options!

4. Now is the perfect time for painting

When you’ve opened up some space, you can get a better idea of what it would look like with a brand new colour scheme. Plus, when you’ve removed everything you’re planning to, it makes it at least marginally easier to temporarily remove (or cover) what remains, so that you can daub it in a colour which perfectly suits the mood and atmosphere you want for the space.

interior touches to brighten up your home this spring

5. Before you do any shopping – use what you’ve got!

It can be tempting to head out to the shops and fetch in some new decorations and furniture to complete your new space – but before you do, it’s a good idea to lay out what you’ve got instead. Otherwise, you could be risking bringing home loads more ‘stuff’ that may just end up back in storage again! Besides, it can be a great opportunity to re-examine your existing possessions, and perhaps consider giving old family heirlooms or long-forgotten toys their place in the spotlight again.

6. Finally… add the finishing touches!

As soon as you’ve completed all the steps above – most likely over a period of at least a few days, if not weeks – you can at last add the final finishing touches to your interiors. These might include artworks, or old photographs, or ornaments you’ve collected over the years. Here at Melt, we’ve got a few suggestions – which you can find amongst our wonderful range of scented candles! We’ve got scents to suit all styles, from the heady notes of our Neroli and Rose Geranium to the lighter, fluffier scents of our Blush or Lavender candles.

You can shop them right here on our site, or alternatively visit us at our little shop on the farm – we’re always happy to see you!