5 ways to make your scented candles last longer

31 March 21

Do you find yourself burning through candles like they’re going out of fashion? If you’ve got your hands on some luxury candles, you want that beautiful scent to radiate around your room for as long as possible, whether you’re adding some ambience to your living room or treating yourself to a nice, hard-earned, bubble bath. Here at Melt, we’re passionate about helping you to maximise your this experience for as long as possible, so here our five top tips on ways that you can make your scented candles last longer!

Trim the wick

After the candles first burn, the wick may be slightly longer than it needs to be. As a result, it will give off a bigger flame, one that then burns through the candle way faster than it would do normally. If you continuously keep the wick trimmed and maintained, you’ll immediately see a difference in how long your luxury scented candle lasts. What’s more, trimming your wick is quite easy to do! Simply wipe off the charred top with some tissue (when it’s cool, of course) and try and cut down the wick to around a quarter of an inch, allowing for a beautifully bright flame and slow burning.

Keep the candle cool

This is another foolproof method for making your candles last longer. If you’ve had your candle burning for a while, make sure you give it at least two hours to completely cool down before you light it again. This gives the wax time to re-solidify, granting it a longer shelf life whilst also allowing you to safely trim the wick. We would even suggest sticking your candles in the freezer for a while before their first burn, as the cold temperature makes the wax harder, making it burn even slower!

Pick the right location

Where you decide to put your candles can be crucial in how long they last. Any areas of the home that let in air currents, whether it’s an open window, a fan or a vent, all run the risk of allowing the flame to flail and thrash, leading to an uneven burn. Uneven burning will also become a problem if your scented candle is placed on an irregular surface, so we recommend perching your candle somewhere as flat as possible. Keeping your candles on a flat surface away from any potential air currents will go a long way in prolonging the durability of your candle, as it will allow the flame to burn evenly.

melt candle burning

Keep it burning

If you want to extend the life of your candle flame, you’ll have to commit to keeping them burning for a decent amount of time. Wax needs time to develop a memory and thus, one should consider one hour to be a minimum and four hours to be a maximum. If you don’t give the candle enough time to burn, the centre of the wax melts a lot faster than the outer circumference, meaning it will burn out much faster. If you keep it lit for too long, however, it may lead to a build-up of hot wax, meaning it loses that beautiful fragrance. If you stick to the suggested period of 1-4 hours per session, you should find your candles lasting a lot longer.

Take it all with a pinch of salt

Now, it’s possible that you might have heard one or two of our tips until now in passing. But this next one is a little more unorthodox – if you’ve already got a luxury candle that is nearing the end of its burn, here are two little hacks that might give it a bit more time. By blending a sprinkle of table salt into the wax, you can slow down the burn time for your candles next session.

If you follow these five simple tricks, you should find your luxury candles burning a lot longer, meaning those wondrous scents can also radiate for a longer time. And if you’ve got a candle that’s nearing the end of its lifespan already, there’s no shortage of replacements you can choose from here at our little shop on the farm! Right now, here at Melt we’re finding that citrusy scents like Joy and Dance are some of the most popular for our customers, helping to keep them happy and energised.

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